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Saturday, November 7, 2009

life as a kid...

can at times be Tiring...
but mostly
...its Fun and Adventurous.

yippeeee for me becoz im still a KID!

predicting & thinking of what's next on the list of today's activities...harddd!

okay, i'm trying to be inovative here...sikat in a really small box...fuuhhhh...

time out...i love u mr lion...muahhh

back to challenging!

constructing is a real man's!

okehhh, good condition.

test power.

project buliding a tower failed.

let's make it into a boat or sumting. car perhaps?

overall : i, ammar uzair bin dezalfhie really love being a kid. i learnt n play at the same time. poor u ummi & abah, have to work ur brains out hehee :P

please be jealous hehe.

1 comment:

alyyani said...

mmg jeles tgk budak2 ni tau. ape la dalam kepala diorg tu kan? ade je benda nak cuba. ade je benda nak try. tak yah pk ape2 masalah. aunty alya jeles kat ammar. heheh..

p/s : muka masa tgh landing tu mcm tgh pk masalah negara je ammar tuh. heheh..


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