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Friday, February 27, 2009

BZ walkering~

Ammar is always xcited when playing with the toys stuck at his walker. he seems like good at driving alto at this young age heheheheee

Inilah Ammar (^_^)

tell me what u think of ammar...

p/s: ammar in his playpan playing as usual n it was on the 19th feb. i like to take videos of him anytime when i'm free. this video i took after coming home from work.


Ammar pastu...Umi

obviously, i'm kinda "sengkek" at the moment since x dapat gaji lagi. but honestly, i dont get big pay checks every month n sooo...when buying things for me self...ammar's things are always on top of me n hubby's priority list. so in the previous post i did plan on buying a crocs. but after thingking that for a crocs i can get ammar his treasure, instead i bought a shoe from Giant, Kota Damansara for only rm 9.99. hahaa (^_^) never bought a pair of shoes at this price before. but if it's comfy + suits my style...why not! i'm up for it. n i did too buy a sleeveless for rm 1.99 harharhar (ketawa lagi besar sket).
hmmm, perempuan~ before married - priority is always for themselves. after got married - hubby 1st then them. after getting a baby - top priority baby, then hubby...last me. huhuuu dats why i feel better if fellow wives work..coz we wives are actually the backbones of the family. wives will always sacrifice no matter what. (even shopping pon dh tukar, from malls to hyperstore..sedey sungguh)

but i do love wearing em...ringan!

from side + back view

rm 1.99, regret for not buying another colour..yellow.

what mama have to say bout this...harharhar (ketawa x hengat) bcoz i kuarkn this statement.. "tgk ammar, skng umi bli barang murah2 jer. sbb ammar lagi penting...(dlm hati ~sib baik dulu papa dh bagi rasa pki best2") don wanna depend so much on hubby bla shopping. if he wants to buy me stuff, i glady accept them wif a big smile~

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last 24th..i didn't have the MOOD to go to work...heheee don't ask me why. so while taking my shower that very fine morning, i decided to go to peps's house coz it's been like almost 3 weeks since the last visit (i guess). so, ran down to the nannies aka mama n niteh...spill out the idea macam tanye2 ayam then mama said. why not kta g uma fiza...yeayyyy~ u read my mind hahaa.
so me n niteh go to buy breakfast 1st, then siap2 all the kids. a big applause to me for being the best umi dat day (i give the tittle to me self hahaa coz ammar is the only 1 who took his bath n r well prepared...buat susu for the lil journey) for the so called "Nursery On The Move". hehee atleast the kids are happy for giving them sum time out of the house. we ended going home after maghrib coz it was a working day..traffic jam will make the kids go CRAZZZYYY...and i dont wanna dat.

ammar's happy, peps smooching him...while me holding ammar at the back there.
hmmm ammar got lil confused dat day and tot peps is his umi...ohhh, hancur hati ku..
well, we do look alike..enuf said~

niteh, adam, mama, ammar, echa, jeera n ibu...
disscussing bout the nursery eh?

we do have a great time dat day...but for me, the next day i got cirit-birit...ape la yang salah 25th i have to take 1/2 day leave coz sakit sangat plus we kinda lack of water supply here in the office..huhuu
oh yaa, nex post i'll tell u what i got from Giant, kota damansara.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Crocs Attack!!

to tell u the truth, i'm not hte kind of person who wud spend sooo much on buying clothes or shoes. i prefer reasonable + comfortable + stylish + minimal type of clothing. but these few days after browing tru the net on crocs...i tink i wanna buy a crocs..huhuu mayb a Malindi. wat do u guys think? nay or yes? coz i tink it's comfy plus..been wearing selipar jepun for quite sum time now huhuu..

n the other thing that caught my interest is the cute korean pinafore from hmmm...i tink my wardrobe do need sum fresh styles now. well, hopefully i'll get these things this month..cross my fingers n hope my wish comes true..

btw, need to buy ammar a treasure chest from ikea. he's toys are all in hubby's cupboard. huhuu
to much to buy makes my head go spinning~

p/s: happy weekends (^^,)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

psssttt... happily now in the beginner state of crawling. he will move back n front in just one spot hahaa...but do sumtimes try to m0ve his hands 4wrd. but i tink he's not ready for it yet. so all he'll do is pushing his body back n forth until he's tired and then rest. wat worries me dat altho he seems to just be in a spot but beware! he can rolls faster than u can imagine which makes it dangerous to leave him alone. even he can roll in his sleep. imagine...huhuu. so since there are 2 babies (ammar & adam) in the nursery, so when they are awake..they said that it's much safer to place them in the playpen. long as everybody is safe..i'm ok with it. but ammar will only sit in the playpan if his cousins are in the playpan next to his...penakot ke tue? huhuu...mayb.

enjoying his moments in the playpan..hehee

ammar making his "kering" xpression.

i tink he'll sit anytime soon...yeay! hip2 hooray ammar!

p/s: i tink dis blog is not mine...more likely to be ammar's...yes?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


rumah AU2 is proudly now a NURSERY...hehe...cikgu2 terdiri daripada:

cikgu acom @ nyima
cikgu shita @ niteh
cikgu zizah @ nek yoyong
cikgu melah @ nek nyang (reserved for ammar only)
soon... cikgu ipah @ tok ibu (rania)
sooo, semua kena jg sume kanak2 ribena.. but if nek nyang is there...ammar will, without hesitate n prefer sleeping wif her. huhuuu god knows why...but ammar will adjust to nek nyang's style of putting him to sleep. we on the other hand cannot.. i repeat cannot copy her style...caya lah! so, niteh will be nannying adam. whilst nek yoyong will be responsible to look after ajeera n echa n doing all the laundries (rm 30...for the kids laundry..gud deal).
mission : to make all the kids are well taken care of since we heard sooo much bad news about nursery n day care centre. so the idea is to help the parents (a.k.a us), the kids n ofcoz to bond well with each other... happy family rules!
my point of view : the nannies are all great (haha coz they are family), we trust them a lot, n they luv the kids. so no worries...alhamdullillah. havoc? hehee ofcoz's their nature..

cousins... ammar n kakak echa... macam2 ragam~

echa suh nyima pki crown from burger king...kena buli huhuu~

the gangs...adam, ammar, nyima n echa..

Seriously Scary...

i read an e-mail from a friend just now. it was about the war in palestin...n i must say it's scary if it happens to us here in malaysia. what caught my intention was on what the soldiers did to "brighten up their day" there. killing babies n kids are their game. raping women n kids is what they enjoy the most...but why? what did they do to deserve all THIS? i am really2 upset after reading the e-mail. raping pregnant women...what if this happens to ur wife? how will u feel? do they realise about this? what is happening to the WORLD today... i keep asking myself, what will happen in the future...what can i do to help them n us...what can we do to protect our own country from being the, i do hope Allah will have us save from all these nightmares.. insyaallah...

...keep in mind that this tagline shud always be in our mind n heart...always!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Princess Rania...

luv this name to bits..hehee
well, but in the real World of PEPS & Mr. Shan...Rania is just
Baby Rania..
adorably full of joy n sweetness..

...pure cuteness!

Screaming wif J.O.Y!

teeeheeeheee... i luv this funny face!
ammar letting out a full-blast-scream...
(^^,)' hehee

Thursday, February 12, 2009

perlu ker?

hmmm, been thinking lately...i kinda feel bored ngan this template n tink of changing it sumday. design a simple banner 2 days ago n i donno if its ok or not...blahhh wat d i tink i wanna use a simple white background next.. wat u do guys tink? shud i? O_o huhuu pening~
nak tukar ke tak?
ok, don dat..hahaa simple jer..hope it's ok...


huhuu..yesterday we had a meeting and boss ordered us to go to taylors, inti & sunway do what? give students free some-sort-of-pocket size calendar, with promotion messages on the other side. man, was i "malu sangat". becoz the students there..i can say some are snobbish, ok n some are quite rude. fuhhh...this job is absolutely not suitable for me..
well, at the end of the being creative..slot the calendar at most of the cars we found. hahahaa... imagine having to give about 2k calendars per day..agak melampau la.

well, enuf bout that. so after that tiring home n wait for hubby wif ammar. hehee, had no shorts to wear. so i pon geledah hubby's almari. n grabbed his boxer.. no wonder he likes to wear it. it's so comfortable n airy..hahaha..

when he reached home late last night he was like..."oooo, sayang..u pakai boxer i yer..bukak..bukak skrg jugak.." hehee and me being sleepy n all "allaaa, pinjam ar...jgn kcu i tdo la..sok i bg balik ar boxer nie k.." hehee untung we almost have the same size..i tink i wanna buy girls boxer la after this...cute2 design...then x yah curik hubby nyer. huhuuu (^^,)~

Friday, February 6, 2009


huhuu ammar can now eat..
after looking at us for such a long time makan depan him.
atlast, he can now join us makan2...but ofcoz la baby food.
my oh my...looking at ammar makan..u can know how he loves his food
and eating.. bagi ammar bam2x...hehee

acu yaya suap ammar mamam kay..

sedap hingga menjilat jari...

p/s : umi bz tgkp gmbr ammar makan, but then continue suap kn..huhuu

pimp my RiDe...

hehee...pimp my ride la sangat. dis is ammar's 1st time naik walker.
actually there are attachments at his walker, but considering there will
be cousins playing together. we decided to put it aside. i dont want
them to have "the rebut mainan" moment which cud be quite dangerous
for lil ammar. coz he's still in the beginner mode...mayb nex month he'll
be ready for the he can just watch adam to lari2.
huhuuu sabar la ammar...ur turn will soon come..

saliva attack..hehee

ok, control mulut..huhu

umi...ammar suke walker mana stering nih?

hewwooo...lepak jap...purggnaaatttt...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sharing is Caring...hehe~

just wanna share a lil-big-important news wif everybody..
my cousin a.k.a peps just delivered her baby girl this very morning...
yeeaayyyy! atlast, welcome to the WORLD baby...
can't wait to see u. gee, i wish i cud go to see her this evening after work...
syg? pleaseeee...huhuuu
i'll post the pics later yaa...
can't wait...can't wait~ (^^,)*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

peps house + IKEA = FUN!

i tink it was wednesday the 28th me+ammar+papa+mama gi umah
peps@ja. mmg lama sgt x visit was even more suprisingly lagi
banyak barang than b4. hehee, so after spying on her things then i saw this
bottles drying stand..hehee tiru ja n bought 1 for ammar, the last pack at jusco
wangsa maju. then geledah2 lagi n jumpe things that i tink mmg i patut ader..
sooo, after the superb lunch at peps' ktaorg gerak g IKEA (last g bout 1 year ago)
fuhhh...mmg sangat laaamaaa...he hehe he...
so, ammar 1st trip to much to see smpi tetdo..
but he was being such a good boy n slept for the rest 2 hours n hanging to me..

best tdo...feeling secure n safe.

bangun when we almost finish shopping...gulp2 sama itu susu botol
n still hanging...mmg ammar best!

hehee...nampak camera punyer pasal...

my mama n ateh... hehee ader2 jer dorg nih...

papa, mama, ibu n ateh...papa carik sumting but mama is hoping papa
blanja her..hehee

ammar n nek nyang...ammar yg bulat2...chubby cheeky umi..
the best part for this trip is ammar being such a good boy the whole day..
but mayb jalan banyak for the whole day n playing n gugu gagaying wif uncle shan
(gelak banyak sgt) before going home...halfway home he cried mmg
kuat sgt smpi teresak2..i was driving plak then terpaksa cari petrol pump
tukar driver lak ngan papa...ammar being so hungry n sleepy tp dapat "nenen" trus
senyap n tdo smpi la kt umah, hehee... ammar ammar...


sorry for not posting anything for the past 10 days..
huhuuu it was a long holiday for me so that means more quality time with
baby these pics were taken on the 24th, 1st day cuti!
we didn't do much that day..lepak2 kt luar rumah n the rest tgk tv
and tdo kt bilik usual...umi+ammar+abah...

ammar : looking cheeky as always...luv u soo much!

ammar n yayi pa : "ammar ni asyik jobley jer" hehee

mak long n ammar : "dik, nape org lain sume ley dokong ammar pandang depan?"
hmmmm hehee..mak long mmg klakar...

tok ibu n ammar : "ammar...pandang kt umi..."

tok ibu, ammar n tok ayah : "eeehhh, dia tau tok ayah dia...hmmm cium lagi"

nek nyang n ammar : "ammar klu ngan uwan macam nie la.."

bunga orkid papa..sajer jer tok tatapan baby..rindu x?
ok la, dats thingking what else we did for the last 10 days...
hmmm g IKEA, AEON AU2 n mana lagi ehhh?


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