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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

being SPECIAL in his own way

call it technic or strategy...but i call it being HIM.
i don't know how other kids sleep. this has been ammar's style of
sleeping since he's a baby. the not so best part about this
style is that when it comes to putting him down on the bed.
a slight inny minny movement will surely wakes him up.
hahaaa...i bet not many parents can "dodoi" their kid this way.

me putting him to sleep...i pity him bcoz i tink it's tiring to sleep this way.
but i'm sure he loves to hear his fav heart beat..dup dupp..

what else can i say...

welcome to ~ ORANGE WONDERLAND ~

what's up wif ammar wearing orange slalu? hehee mesti tue yg korang pk kn?
well, actually's just that i currently love wearing ammar wif
bright kalers, orange...obviously heeeheee :P
so...which orange suit do u tink is the best?

ammar seems stucked in his prem heh?
*ammar dh makin besar...

ahaaa...tue 1 lagi fav ammar. mama call his so called finger
activity "ketip kutu"..uhhhuu

ammar posing blur as always...but he loves the camera.

ammar when he's about 2 months old..captain chubby.
aaiiiaaaiii captain!


Being a kid is sure xciting..all the learning, trying is sure a tough job.
but above all that, fun is what important in knowing a certain new things.
ammar has successfully "meniarap" a.k.a tummy xcercise :)
weeee...all this while i've been waiting patiently for him to come to this level.
well done ammar! hip2 hooray for u!

ammar's n his facial xpressions n "sirim" activity.
*the "i need to taste n put everything in my mouth" is what sirim means to me.

heheee...the newest facial xpressions he learnt these few days.
*the most he loves to do is doing the mmmmbreeehhh which is
full of bubbles n salivaaahhh haaaa...

WISHing for the Twinkling lil Stars

i wud love to live in this kind of environment n surrounding that spells
C.A.L.M, B.R.E.A.T.H.T.A.K.I.N.G, C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L n everything that is sweet n serene.
i wish Malaysia is like this or wud be nice to just walk to the office n feeling
save when ur walking alone in the evening..hmmm..
well, i hope someday i can visit u Bee n cud u bring me to these places?

pak long & mak long on their visit to Ireland last august.
*mind the Levi's there.

pak long & mak long really loves travelling.
*wish the shops in kl these colourful.

Baby a.k.a Bee (younger sister, 3rd) & mak long in the shopping village
*i tink so, correct me if i'm wrong.

where is this Bee? wish taman tasik titiwangsa can be this beautiful.
*all u can c in tmn tasik titiwangsa is couple "bertenet"

i love the dash of red in this pic..if i were here, i wud wear a yellow shirt.
*then i'll blend in wif the flowers...hehee :)

~ Not A FreakiN' Friday ~

it was friday, the 16th when i took this pic.
it was a very fine morning n therefore capturing the moment is just the best i can do.
i was about to go to work while ammar n mama as always wud see me go n tata me.
so here's a pic of me n "mimi the new mama of 2 lovely kittens".
lucy the "twin" of apple

mama n ammar n great blue this pic the most.

Monday, January 12, 2009

saturday morning...

it's saturday morning, saje2 pakai kn ammar hensem2..we weren't going anywhere but why not looking gud at home. after all this 9months "baju kodok" seems tight even tho we just bought it early this month. budak kecik kn cepat besar. hmmm, so ammar dh pandai meniarap skrg. n i can say he can't wait to start crawling becoz he's been eyeing adam's walker. heheee ammar mmg x sabar. relax la sayang, after all u'll be 5 months this 14th n by next month bole start mamam, yeay to ammar..

to fellow sisters n cousins..hope u like this photo. 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

4 months n more to come..

it was ammar's 4th month vaccination..boy was he a gud boy. didn't cry at all but then about a minute later br start jerit sket tp still maintain. no cries smpi doc kamaruddin pon suprised.. heehee ammar is getting brave everytime when it comes to seeing the doctor. so for being such a gud boy, after the hospital trip we went to aeon au2..which was my 1st time but 3rd time for ammar. he was so xcited seeing all the colours n environment there (do go to aeon au2 coz there are lots of food stations to xplore, the environment is very calming plus i feel like it's not's more like in europe..walllahh, never been to europe pon) heheee. since ammar is being soo cute, he gets lot of headturns. hehee kecik2 dh pandai grab other people's attention (that is so not me). so we had lunch there but poor ammar..all he can do is tengok jer la. n suprise2, terserempak wif cousin a.k.a peps. all i can say, we had a gud time tp a day after ammar got measels..cian ammar, syok2 trus sakit plak. but he's alrite now after a week going tru gatal2 condition..
hugs n kisses,

Monday, January 5, 2009 is another day me being alone in the studio..keny n lin dua2 x datang coz setelkn anak n adik 1st day of school. in 7 years time, it'll be me sending ammar to his very 1st day of school. macam mana la agak nya..haighhh. hopefully he'll be as brave as i am. tp fortunately i have an elder sis, worries. still remember my 1st day in UiTM, Perak. pon selamba jer, siap happily tata kt mama, papa, ein, baby, ct and daniel. syok to the max! for me, it was nothing coz eventually everything pon atlast kta kn sorang2 gak kn? hmmm, actually x mo pon braging about my 1st day of school n uni.. ok, back to being alone in the studio. haaa, mmg boring sangat. so, did sum tah apa2 keje..taking pix la da way, this is the 1st time i wear this gak! nway, how bout ur day? hangat or hangit? heheee


apa korang rasa? ok x? these delicious cookies (yup..mmg yummilicious) my mum bake n the design on top is mine la hehee since dat is all i know n plus mama said she is not creative enuf to do all this..huhu a lil bit of patience n practice..waalllaaahhh..well, i love baking but still can't find time to learn from mama dearest. these cookies were ordered by a friend n as a gift for her sister's engagement gift. me n mama had a daughter n mother quality time dat day.. mayb nex time we'll bake cupcakes, yes?

it was my friend's wedding..kak ima on the 28th dec 2008. we came late coz ammar wasn't feeling well dat day. after a gud nappy n makan ubat, ammar is ready to go jalan-jalan.. was he happy to be out in the sunny day..hehee ammar..ammar..he's getting c.o.m.e.l even more everyday. but poor ammar dapat demam campak..actually on this day he already have the reds dots but we tot it was just rashes..until we brought him to c doc kamaruddin. yup..100% campak..poor ammar..ammar the polka dots baby..huhuuu

small family REUNION

maybe it's a wee bit late to post about xmas..but for memoir's sake
then i say it's important..agree? plus, my lil sis baby will b very pleased
since she's so far away..only these pics can make her feel at home.. :)
so, it was holiday n my sis, ein n cousin peps decided to give our
dear uncle a suprise xmas party..but people, don't get us wrong, we think of it as a gathering n instead we call it holiday my mama cooked stuffed chicken
(konon2 turkey la), kari ikan n fruit cake. whilst mak long cooked sambal ikan bilis {lari topik ni..hehe}, ateh prepared my fav fruit salad n coleslaw. n
not forgetting..peps bwk dessert yg sodap..yummmeee...
it was great fun since we all enjoyed makan-makan n gathering is even
more fun..yeayy to all. next time i hope we'll have another makan-makan
ehhh...can't wait for another holiday!


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