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Thursday, December 18, 2008

ku Bahagia...

kwellll...all time favourite movie from Indonesia. but i didn't know about it till my cousin a.k.a peps@hellkitchen told me. nways, not going to tell u about this movie coz i guarantee all of u must have watched this movie a million times like i did. yesterday i went to work quite early but the traffic was badly conjested..that's why i prefer going to work late..(x buat effort pon tok kuar LEBIH cepat..haahaaa). jem thank god lagu "Ku Bahagia" tetiba on air.. fuhhh, memang best. sung my heart out..i know, boley banjir kilat klu i nyanyi. tp had too..layan beb.. hehee.. so, layan nyer layan teringat time we watched this movie wif my fellow sisters n cousins.. kita org aper lagik, start menari la mcm dlm cerita nie.. the best part is, my sis Baby gila jadik Cinta..mayb bcoz she looks a lil bit like dian (she had her hair long sama macam cinta). n way bee, don get me wrong here..u always look fab..ok, to all my sisters n cousin pon..nti marah lak korg sbb puji bee sorang..huhuu
k, tc people..curik time sket nie.. ;P

Saturday, December 13, 2008

black & white

semalam i watched "down with love". i dunno if u guys have watched it since it's kinda lama gak. but the set was beautiful plus the theme was like in the 70's or 80's..bahhh, x tau la.. tp what interest me was in this movie they took a picture from the booth n it's black n white n it triggers me to do so. since i think in kl we don have that photo booth, so i did a little arrangement n wallaaahhh.. photo booth concept. n ammar. ammar luvs to take pics..but do sumtimes like to act confused or he is really..
nway, snap snap snap all the way..yippeee..we had such great time. the way 2008 "mother n son activities" lol.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Selamat Ari Raya Haji

Just wanna wish all muslims out there :
i'm off to balek kg hubby in kelantan..
so, gonna remind u all to drive safely
and enjoy ur short holidays k..
tc and toodles
from me, hubby n ammar

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Better late than Never

Got this idea from "oh, hello friend" blog. I tink i shud have one list too since i have so much i want to learn, do, achieve & etc.. It got me thinking, all this while when i have the time & opportunity to learn n do sumting..I just let it go. Well, i'm not going to let it happen again. Plus, i'm planning on moving forward n to be a better here goes my "Better late than Never list".

3rd December 2008


  1. Be much more friendlier towards my inlaw + family

  2. Call my inlaw's family more often

  3. Be a much much much more loving, caring, understanding & etc wife

  4. Spend more quality time wif hubby

  5. 3 of us (me, hubby n ammar) family vacation

  6. Meet my long lost friends from uitm shah alam

  7. Meet my long lost friends from uitm perak

  8. Keep updated phone no.s n e-mails of friends


  1. Learn Flash

  2. Learn to make website

  3. Take sewing class (for future benefits)

  4. Learn to bake cakes, muffins, biscuits & pastry from mama

  5. Take my baby pics everyday..a pic per day (so i can have 'em on his scrapbook)

  6. Find good quality papers n materials for my son's scrapbook

  7. Spend more time making my son's scrapbook

  8. Buy, read & implement good design from reading materials

  9. Learn to do blog template

  10. Learn more IT stuff..hehee i'm really bad at this

  11. Update my portfolio

  12. Learn to quilt (have 1 book..still can't manage time to learn)

  13. Continue my 3rd language class..French

  14. Do a painting for my aunt..i've postponed her painting for nearly 6 years..omg

  15. Paint sumting on canvas

  16. Accessorize all old bags


  1. Visit my sister in Ireland

  2. Go to Greece to find this button shop i found in Flickr

  3. Go to Paris

  4. Go to Pulau Sipadan


  1. My room to make it more spacious

  2. My wardrobe according to colour scheme

  3. Wash all my begs n store it in a better place
  4. Buy a shelf or cupboard to put my books n mags


  1. Become a better person in all ways

  2. Pray 5 times a day without delaying the time till last minute

  3. Start a workout, eat healthly n have more sleep hours

  4. Go shopping n add more colours to wardrobe

  5. Buy 2-3 more jeans in different styles n colours

  6. Have "Eat all u want for just one day" every single month

  7. Buy new flat shoes

  8. Collect tudung / scarfts that matches every single outfit

  9. Have a "Go to cinema day" every month

  10. Put aside RM50 per month for shopping spree

  11. Find a better job n earnings

  12. Buy a cute sewing machine

  13. Have own space a.k.a studio at home

  14. An "Ice cream day out" every month
  15. Own a home
  16. Buy a new digital camera with larger pixels
  17. Buy a laptop


  1. Suprise friends by visiting them

  2. Call long lost friends

  3. Buy a gift for hubby

  4. Buy a shoe for baby ammar

  5. Decorate ammar's room with furnishing from ikea (after having own home)

  6. Quilt a blanket for ammar

  7. Visit relatives
  8. Buy ammar a car seat..seen one that is superb from Graco

:: FUN ::

  1. Dirt biking..waaa
  2. Bake cute cupcakes n invite friends, family over for tea party
  3. Go on a picnic at FRIM wif family
  4. Go to Sea World in Singapore
  5. Thrift shopping
  6. It wud be fun if i know how to drift...well?
  7. A day driving mini coupe..j'adore
  8. Blog daily n create a fashion
  9. To have own line clothes..for self use


  1. Own a business like "Etsy"
  2. Start a bakery n gift shop
  3. Put aside RM200 for every month
  4. Put aside RM1 per day for xtra emergency cash
  5. Start saving like crazy to buy a dream house n beautiful furnishings
  6. Save for ammar RM150 per month for his education n future

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

tribute to GROUP B...

myspace graphic at Gickr
pimp your myspace

the days before
group b : ikhwan, apai, niterk, ed, lyd, mai, et, edak, nurin (me), mila, sha, eza, ima, mat noor, santos, fir, hafiz, helmi, jj, jack laki, jack pompuan, farlzana, zarul, apern, aziah, sha anum, feezul, rafique...if anyone missed out..sorry k.


Monday, December 1, 2008


i was lazing (ader ke ayat lak bunyik dia) around while waiting for time to go home (keje hbs kul 5.30pm) so, log in to freaks graphix (helmi yg tubuh kn nie).. so baca2 la sume postings yg ader. i came across 1 post where the author suruh tulis pengalaman masing2 mase 1st time kenal bebudak group kita org. time baca tue memang tergelak2 n banyak la 'bout myself (so, ternyata la diterima kengkawan kn?) those were back in august..mase tue ngah cuti tunggu nk deliver ammar, so x dpt la nk join post tue..till today, i manage to find sum time to archieve sume posting. wowww mmg byk btul..n menarik. mase tue la terdetik "owh, how i miss my friends so much"..xpecially those from UiTM. n ofcoz my long lost bestfriends from primary n secondary school (jgn amik nie latest kengkawan) hmmm, wish i cud meet u all. tp time tue macam x ley jer coz saturday n sunday is family bila bole jumper korang sume la gak nyer..Gathering? gud idea x..jgn last2 skli x dpt g sudah..slalu mcm nie... but i'm so eager to meet u all..huhuu..
p/s: the pic above was the days back in uitm..last grup gathering kt tasik..hmmm

problem #2 : SOLVED

hehe, alhamdullillah my #2 prob from previous post dh settle..
syukur la sangat, so kurang la sket poning pala makcik nie.. :P
sooo, in the end i got a blueberry cheese cake..tenkiiuuuu :D

Friday, November 28, 2008

away from Hustle n Bustle in KL...

yesterday i and my fellow coworkers, Keny & Alin went to FRIM, invitation from our lady boss Susan (boy, was she xcited bcoz it was her 1st time visit there plus she's an adventurous type n fun too..x sangka) :D. so there we go 1 kereta wif our bosses (hubby n wife) + their 2 boys + 3 of us. so we met at office at about 8.15am and truskn our journey to frim. so sampai2 jer, susan nak pegi waterfall.tapi x mandi la..just main air jer. mula2 pon me n alin malu2 nk bukak kasut..pastu for the sake of taking pix..redah ajer la. so, here r sum of the pix there. enjoy!
~me n alin (macam baru menjajah jer tmpt ni)

so, sebelah kanan tue is a picture of my boss, susan + me + alin..hehe basah sluar kt kaki n blakang coz melawan arus huhu. yg best nyer kat waterfall nie, air nyer sejuk n tenang sangat. trus lupe sume masalah n penat lelah kat ofis. wow, speechless btul! wlupon kl nie bz tempat nyer tapi at least ader gak Frim n it's open for public from 7.00am till 7.00pm. but for joggers, 6.30 is the limit la. so admittion fee is rm2 per car n rm1 for every person in the car (this is what keny told me..kalu salah kasi hantam sama dia la..k). so provided parking from entrance smpi la kat dalam hutan, memang senang sangat. u can also bawak bicycle if nk mountain biking trecking k. so 2nd pic : is me n alin making faces. skali skala wat muke tah pape tah for relaxing sake. pastu 3rd pic : keny + me + alin, suke suki time so pose pon mesti pape jer. far right is the waterfall..cantik kn? me likey..

pix suke2..
1. kaki susan + alin + me (clockwise)
  1. 2. tinggal kn tapak tangan kat

  2. 3. me + alin ~ dekat info centre

  3. 4. i heart this place or my kaki heart dis place :P

  4. 5. pose depan signage..konon2 lost

  5. 6. nk tunjuk daun keladi giant..don't i look tiny

  6. 7. kt canopy walk kecik..susan + alin + me

next pic~ keny was our tour guide so this is another nice place..Buluh Gergasi / Giant Bamboo. so here are sum pics taken.

  • alin + susan + me (the theme for this pic is happi faces

  • trying to be 1 of the buluh

  • infos on the bamboo

  • pohon bambooo lalaa

  • pic at camping site

  • showing u guys the real size of the bamboo..besar sangat ok!

at last, our fun trip pon was time to go back to office. all i can say, i had so much fun n this is a present for my "sum time out" situation b4. well there u go..a smile wif ful of happiness to all of u.

i wish all of u love + peace + harmony.. :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

...tik tok tik tok

i just love waking up in the morning seeing my baby ammar sleeping next to me.
usually, i'll be up 1st then rush to solat n mandi manda.
settle everything on my side..then it's time for lil mr sunshine to bangun.
since hubby nak me mandikan ammar will surely be up at 6.45, then lepak2 atas katil till mandi time which usually be dlm kul 8. well depends on bila dia bangun la..huhuu's my lovely morning routines :)
  1. it's 8.10 n ammar is late for mandi..well me n ammar we call it "chibung2" time ;)
  2. ammar tunjuk muka x sabar nk bogel..uppsss..
  3. after chibung time..lap lap lap laaaa laaa...(for future moms: pki kn baby minyak telon pada dada agar tidak sejuk dada. pastu sapukn minyak kursani pada perut baby agar jauh masuk angin n senang poopoo. kemudian pada pinggang dan blakang badan. lastly, sapukn minyak pada tapak kaki n minyak telon atas ubun agar x masuk angin. time kasih)
  4. yeayy!! ammar sudah siap n looking nice with orange suit (which looks like dulu2 nye swimming suit..this is ammar's favourite baju)
  5. wear em booties umi or my kaki sejuk nanti..
  6. give ammar a kiss sealed with saying "i luv u"
  7. both of us happy n nenen kn ammar n tgu sampai dia tdo. (today lambat..nenen till 9.00)
  8. so, i'm off to work..heheee..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


serabut sgt rasa nyer...huhuuu. macam2 ada dalam pikiran ni..
aduhhh, tolong la. serabut nak pilih which career antara lecturer or designer laa, personal problem lg..n macam2 lagi..

k, problem no 1..if i be a lecturer which i think quite funny (hahaa) i get xtra the process is not simple. kena belajar blek n THESIS..warghhhh, gila la dibuat nyer. tp bak kata org "susah dahulu, then baru senang". yup, i do agree with dat. plus, klu pegi study blek i only have to attend class in the evening from morning till nk pegi class, i got all the time to spend with my son..horaayy!! so, all i have to do now is tunggu iklan masters kluar je. so i think dat problem is settle. stuju?

next, problem no's really2 personal. so i dun think i want to spread the problem over the web n tell the whole world. then it won't be personal anymore kn? huhuuu..actually to someone out there (yes, u..u know who u are) i really miss the old u. u have changed n i think u r so different from whom u r before. why do u have to change? why? i really miss n need u. huhuuu ;(

hmmm..dah la, i think i dun want to write anymore. got so many problems to think n to ignore. i feel like putting all my problems, sorrows n everything that is making me stress in a bottle n campak dalam toilet n flush it down..

ya allah, give me the strength. please help n show me the way to find peace n calmness in me. insyaallah, i need sum time out.

Monday, November 24, 2008

pursuing "Happiness"

i'm all alone in the studio today..both my coworkers are on leave..boohuhuu...
rasa x syok pon ader coz when keny around, the studio will be lively bcoz dia slalu on kn radio..
n alin plak, will b laughing sorang2 at her desk..
curik2 baca e-mail yg lawak..

working here, "once upon a time" memang best, xpecially the environment.. the people and the today..mcm empty jer..
everybody are pursuing their on happiness n dreams.. what bout me?
i have thought of leaving n continue my studies.. tp tah la..been thingking bout it just now...
started asking friends their opinions.. hmmm...

tp br jap td boss masuk n give some thoughts of his own about the company..
he said "gimme sum time..2-3 years time to make this new bussiness achieve its patient nurin" mmmm...poning2 kpla den.. how laaa...but pursuing dreams is in everybody..
i just want to have a better career for a better future.. plus..a wee bit extra cash wud be gud.. (^^,)

hmmm...lecturer or designer?
help, anyone...


hmmm...dh lama rase nyer nk siapkn project gift 4 ammar...
got no time bcoz bz bee for these few weeks..
heheee bos plak dok ke hulur ke hilir.. it's like if we rest for just 1 minute..
the bomb will blow or somting.. tensi gak!
but today, i haven't see him i curik sumtime to do this..

nway, enuf bout my dis is what i hv done so far..
today, i hope i can prepare all the things i need to make a scrapbook..
it's sure a long way to go..
i hope everything goes smooth..wohoooo
plus, if i ever succeed..i'm gonna be tutoring my cousin on scrapbooking for her future junior..
wish me luck! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

umi's LOVE...

dear ammar,
umi just wanna let u know that i will luv u always
u will always b my baby :)
can't wait to see u grow up
i luv u my little darling
hugs n kisses from me to u
muahhh...muaahhh ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wanita, Perempuan & ...

Sumting nk share ngan korg sume..enjoy reading! :)

Tahukah anda? - Wanita

Korg rasa korg arif tentang rakan wanita korg? korg rasa korg betol-betol memahami gf korg?atau,btolkah anda mengerti teantang fakta-fakta berkenaan mana-manawanita, ibu, makcik jiran, atau anak dara ketua kampung anda? Dibawah di listkan beberapa fakta-fakta menarik ttg wanita.

1. Bila sorang wanita mengatakan dia sedang bersedih,tetapi dia tidak menitiskan airmata,itu bermakna dia sedang menangis di dalam hatinya.
2. Bila dia tidak menghiraukan kamu selepas kamu menyakitihatinya,lebih baik kamu beri dia masa untuk menenangkan hatinya semulasebelum kamu menegur dengan ucapan maaf.
3. Wanita sukar nak cari benda yang dia benci tentang orang yangpaling dia sayang(sebab itu ramai wanita yang patah hati bila hubunganitu putus di tengah jalan).
4. Sekiranya sorang wanita jatuh cinta dengan sorang lelaki,lelaki ituakan sentiasa ada di fikirannya walaupun ketika dia sedang keluardengan lelaki lain.
5. Bila lelaki yang dia suka dan cinta merenung tajam ke dalammatanya,dia akan cair seperti coklat!!
6. Wanita memang sukakan pujian tetapi selalu tidak tau macam mana nakmenerima pujian.
7. Jika kamu tidak suka dengan gadis yang sukakan kamu separuhmati,tolak cintanya dengan lembut,jangan berkasar sebab ada satusemangat dalam diri wanita yang kamu tak akan tahu bila dia dah buatkeputusan,dia akan lakukan apa saja.
8. Sekiranya seorang gadis mula menjauhkan diri darimu selepas kamutolak cintanya,biarkan dia untuk seketika.Sekiranya kamu masih inginmenganggap dia seorang kawan,cubalah tegur dia perlahan-lahan.
9. Wanita suka meluahkan apa yang mereka rasa.Muzik,puisi, lukisan dantulisan adalah cara termudah mereka meluahkan isi hati mereka.
10. Jangan sesekali beritahu perempuan yang mereka ni langsung takberguna.
11. Bersikap terlalu serius boleh mematikan mood wanita.
12. Bila pertama kali lelaki yang dicintainya dalam diam memberikanrespon positif,misalnya menghubunginya melalui telefon,si gadis akanbersikap acuh tak acuh seolah-olah tidak berminat,tetapi sebaik sajaganggang diletakkan,dia akan menjerit kesukaan dan tak sampai sepuluhminit,semua rakan-rakannya akan tahu berita tersebut.
13. Sekuntum senyuman memberi seribu erti bagi wanita.Jadi jangansenyum sebarangan.
14. Jika kamu menyukai sorang wanita,cubalah mulakan denganpersahabatan. Kemudian biarkan dia mengenalimu dengan lebih mendalam.
15. Jika sorang wanita memberi seribu satu alasan setiap kali kamuajak keluar,tinggalkan dia sebab dia memang tak berminat denganmu.
16. Tetapi jika dalam masa yang sama dia menghubungimu atau menunggupanggilan darimu,teruskan usahamu untuk memikatnya.
17. Jangan sesekali mengagak apa yang dirasakannya. Tanya diasendiri!!
18. Selepas sorang gadis jatuh cinta,dia akan sering tertanya-tanyakenapalah aku tak jumpa lelaki ini lebih awal.
19. Kalau kamu masih tercari-cari cara yang paling romantik untukmemikat hati sorang gadis,cubalah rajin-rajinkan tangan menyelak buku-buku cinta.
20. Bila setiap kali gambar kelas keluar,benda pertama yang dicarioleh wanita ialah siapa yang berdiri di sebelah buah hatinya,kemudianbarulah dirinya sendiri.
21. Bekas teman lelaki akan sentiasa ada di fikirannya tetapi lelakiyang dicintainya sekarang akan berada di tempat teristimewa iaitu dihatinya!!
22. Satu ucapan ‘Hi’ sahaja sudah cukup menceriakan harinya.
23. Teman baiknya saja yang tahu apa yang sedang dia rasa dan lalui.
24. Wanita paling benci lelaki yang berbaik-baik dengan mereka semata-mata nak tackle kawan mereka yang paling cantik.
25. Cinta bermaksud kesetiaan, ambil berat, jujur dan kebahagiaantanpa sebarang kompromi.
26. Semua wanita mahukan sorang lelaki yang cintakan mereka sepenuhhati..
27. Senjata wanita adalah airmata!!
28. Wanita suka jika sesekali orang yang disayanginya mengadakansurprise buatnya(hadiah, bunga atau sekadar kad ucapanromantis).Mereka akan rasa terharu dan merasakan bahawa dirinyadicintai setulus hati.Dengan ini dia tak akan ragu-ragu terhadapmu.
29. Wanita mudah jatuh hati pada lelaki yang ambil berat tentangmereka dan baik terhadapnya. So,kalau nak memikat wanita pandai-pandailah. ..
30. Sebenarnya mudah mengambil hati wanita kerana apa yang dia mahuhanyalah perasaan dicintai dan disayangi sepenuh jiwa
wowww...thanx 4 spending some time reading.. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary dear!

it's our 1st anniversary..
but got no give for hubby daffo..
out of budget this month.. ;) hehee
but atleast i gave u a baby..har3x..

so, we did nothing n didn't celebrate either..
but i did remind him yesterday when he was buzy
putting ammar to sleep..

well, actually i'm not xpecting sumting from him..

*p/s: (here is sumting 4 u..i design it n anyone interested in free mobile contents do visit my company's webpage

just that i hope our marriage last till death do us part.
and we'll be happy always n luv each other forever.



haighhh, ari2 lambat jer..
today, terbangun lambat..
actually 6.30 dh bangun coz Mr daffo pegi keje awal..
plus mama pon dh kejut tok solat subuh..
tp mata nie terlampau la berat, so i told myself..5 more minutes k..
plus ammar lak sedap tdo, so i pon join la tdo blek..

tetba...jeng3x..sudah cerah..arghhh subuh hangus!
tgk2 kul 8.00 am dh..warghhh seb baik x bangun kul 9..
trus bangun nk mandi..but then turun katil jer..ammar pon bangun..
alamak! ini budak kecik sudah bgn jugak..
huhu layan ammar jap then g mandi..
pastu mandi kn ammar lak..

atlast, 9.05 br gerak g keje..jadik drive ala2 fast n furious..huhu
masuk keje 9.20..wahhh, mmg kompeni bapak sendiri nie..

aleh2, dis month potong gaji la nmpk nyer..huhuuu..

(background image: ToNToN CoPT/Flickr, jam besar: Flickr, alarm clock:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ammar goes PUBLIC

Ammar hepi sgt coz dpt kluar rumah n tgk dunia..all this time he's always at home. tp b4 dis ammar dh penah kuar rumah, jauh lagi dia jalan..time raya n blek kampung abah kt kelantan. tp kat kelantan pon x la ammar kuar sgt pon coz he was only 1 n 1/2 month old..takot nk bwk jalan2 sbb nti klu dia meragam..naya ktaorg lak.

oh yaa, the other day we did go to jaya jusco to buy him some new baju..x cukup baju sleeveless. ammar xcited wlupon dok dlm prem.hehee klakar

tp most of the time kta org bwk dia jln2 kt luar rumah so boley la hirup udara jd tambah bugar :)

plus, he loves seeing the cats at home..hehee ammar smpi meleleh air liur bla tgk all the cats main2 dpn dia..

so this is his 1st public appearance kt my family side. but it was only for a short time coz he's sleepy n all.. b4 dia meragam better blek dl..cian kt ammar..

me n ammar..
u r luv of my life darling..

prezie for Ammar

Ammar is 3 months now on the 14th...
so i tot of making him a prezie...
well, the whole idea is actually making him a "Scrapbook Album"..starting from the day he was born..heheeheee..
*do hope i hv all the time in the world to do this..hmmmm
when i hv free time, sure akan ku cr time itu utk mencapai sukses scrapbooking ammar's life.

so..inilah baby steps for Ammar's scrapbook:

so far..nie jer baru..still far far away...uhhhuuuu
semoga sukses! wish me luck!
*p/s: if u guys are interested in making visit flickr n u can find loads of cute scrapbook n all..kat atas tue lah yg bg inspiration tok stat wat scrapbook nie..

Friday, November 14, 2008

sleeping "beauty" ker...

sebenarnya x der kena mengena pon ngan sleeping beauty..hahaaa.
it's juz that when i feel sleepy, specially kt office..dis is what i do..
i curik sum time n did something for my lil boy..

nie la hasil nyer..siap dlm 1/2 hour kot, if i'm not mistaken

strusnye, klip kn pada calendar..tadaa ;p

dis is my working station kt office..need these pics..luv u guys!


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