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Friday, March 27, 2009

bz Bee...

taken : 25/03/09, wednesday, 5.27pm

bz sgt ammar nie klu tgh main...ammar slalu akn buat muka "self service" or blur. suke layan diri sendiri. ammar on his siap umi ltk additional toy kt citu...buku moo yg ammar syg...i always read to him smpi dh bole hafal.

moo loves counting. here is 1 buzy bee. 2 ducks are in the pond. 3 tiny worms are wrigling up the fence. 4 sheeps are in the meadow (klu x slh)...5, hmmm x igt dh...n last page...kira apples... huhuu tue ammar tgh baca, siap bukak page 1 by kdg2 skip gak.

i tot of buying ammar more books, i mean soft books...Lamaze have some collections that i want to buy n make ammar's lil library. if possibble i want to educate ammar to love & read that he'll be knowledgable alto at a very young age.

reading materials eg :

pics courtesy : BABYJAYA

p/s: i went to kindergarten when i was 4 coz my sis went there too...but after my sis masuk primary school i got bored & mayb i got bored bcoz all i do there is sing...sing3x everyday...soo, then the teacher called mama n tell her to send me there when i'm ready n she said..i said "i want to matches the school" hahaa for a 4 year old, agak bold kn? (matches to maksud nyer nk bakar sekolah tue)...ganassss... (x ckp vocab tue gak nyer pki "matches") heheee...

chasing monty lion

taken : 22/03/09, sunday, 6.36pm

sejak dua menjak into crawling, ammar sleeps a lil bit late than usual. usually he sleeps around 9pm, but after mastering his skills on crawling n seating...he now sleeps 10.30 or 11pm like last night. i had garfield eyes last night hahaaa....big but half :) coz i need to be by his side, ALWAYS. coz he'll crawl n seat anywhere he wants. even if he notice sumting that interests him on the floor he'll quickly wif full excitement wants to jump out of the bed...serious takot ok...he can also climb on me (konon2 jadi tembok cina laaa,tp x guna pon). fuhhh, mmg tiring btul main ngan ammar nie...coz abah came home late last night...i brought ammar down to ask nyima play along wif ltk ammar dlm walker lg he can be xtra tired huuhuu...sooo, as apunishment to abah for being home late n making wait for u till 11pm... punishment : put ammar to sleep coz umi dh nk pengsan hahaa...

ammar & his squeking fren

taken : 14/03/09, Saturday, 6.45pm

hehee, i really love watching ammar playing by himself...usually i'll play along for the 1st few minutes then let him play alone. hoping that he'll be an independant & brave boy sumday. just look at him playing, serious btul. but ofcoz when he's bored...i'll come to the rescue...pretending to be his saviour... hahaa supermom to the rescue... :P

*tehee, used to be abah's supergal. yer laa, galfren cum secretary cum driver to lots of interviews (there was a case i sat just behind him - i can say he's not comfy at all) haha n lots more...i hope i'm still his supergal or superwife...

Long live Superwife & Supermom!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

another milestone : DUDUK

ammar officially can seat on his own...last saturday, 21st mac 09. but do need supports sumtimes..hehee penat kot. but after getting used to it...all he wants now is to sit. tue yg buat takot xpecially masa time tdo. coz me n ammar sleeps on the bed while abah, poor him sleeping on toto in front of the tv in our room. i tink me n ammar have to change sleeping places wif abah la coz he's getting laju n buas everytime. now, ammar really likes to be awake at 4-5 am...playing on his own n menenen self service (nie yg x thn...cian btul). i even notice ammar dok jeling2, hoping i'll notice him awake. mmg pon i 'm awake, tp i blakon tdo hoping that he'll continue sleeping.. tp tak. the moment i tegur dia, surely la ammar menangis manja n suh i tdo kn dia blek. ammar hvg problem putting himself to sleep. hahaaa tp yang i n mama pasti, ammar cant wait nk blaja berdiri. sedang berjinak2 panjat meja tv tok berdiri. n...konon2 nk berdiri macam adam kt dlm playpan. nek nyang said, "ammar nie jln cepat kot" huhuuu nmpk nyer abah, kta biar ammar tdo kt dpn tv sorg2 la...kta conquer katil blek hahaa...biar ammar guling2 smpi bwh meja tv huhuuu...

beg yang "DIPERTIKAIKAN"...

heheee, this is the bag i brought to the TPM interview the other day...hahaa b4 dis i used the same kind but in plain n green strips (which my hubby said dirty, so change to this one)...konon2 nmpk elegant sket la sbb bersih n hitam. at last kn gak komen ngan panel..."beg awak bwk tue x sesuai yer" wargkakakaahhh....
tp dgn 1 big folder + 2 quite heavy smaller folder + 1 certs folder + etc...memang berat sgt okey, smpi arini terasa sengal2 lagi tangan nie. tp this bag dh sikit sebanyak berjasa for "that" day...tenkiu yer on the bright side of this bag, mmg high quality...long lasting, susah koyak, i tink earth friendly & mostly used n suitable for seminars...hahaa (hubby got this from a seminar he went...door give, siap dpt mini torch which is sooo damn cute, name card container n mcm2 lagi la)
sooo, seems like after this i have to use some other bag that reflects "designer" ok...hmm, i do have the portfolio bag, but after putting all my portfolios...i dont tink i can zip the bag plus, mmg akn berat sgt...huhuu makcik x sanggup...
p/s : nah kak ngah, ada nk komen x pasal beg nie...ok per...hitam lagi bergaya... (^_^) teeheee

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

join TV3...sesuai ker?

hahahaa...yesterday was the day i went for interview for TPM (tenaga pengajar muda) in UiTM, Shah Alam. man, i was so scared bcoz 5 panels are judging me huhuu but was i relieved everything is settled i don wanna put high hopes coz there were like 30 candidates...and all of them are great. huhuuu, i dun think i'll tell u all in detail bout yesterday...soo, wanna share sum yg klakar goes. ohh yaaa, klu korg nk tau...ader 5 panels tau...scarrryyyy...

soo, inilah citer nyer =>

panel 1 : "makrai bin manichan...the name is different...ur father is?"
me : (i cepat2 jawab) "JAWA".
panel 1 : ohhh, i tot mamak, not mamak...jawa.
panel 2 : ..not jamak eh? *jamak = jawa + mamak...kih3x
me :
panel 1 : ur father birth cert...ur a graphic dsgnr, why don u do sumting wif this...
dean : i think u shud bring ur father to jbtn pndftrn n renew his birth cert k.
panel 1 : coz it is sooo in terrible condition..nti u photostat byk kl pon mmg x clear.
dean : mmg sesuai mntk yg br..
me : (happily ckp)...ok ^_^'.
panel 2 : what if u get a position here n might be transfered to merbok, trengganu sarawak or even yaman?
me : ~gladly jwb~ problem. i'll bring my chilld too..
panel 2 : husband? nk tgl kn dia sorg2 kt umah?
me : off coz la bwk, nti kn kebas org lak..lain citer lak nti kn.
panel 2 : ala, skrg ckp la ok saya x kisah kn hantar bla dpt nti tau2 menteri call kt anak en makrai nk stay kt shah alam...macam mana?
me : xper, i xder kabel.
panel 2 : skrg xder la...nti dpt, mcm2 kabel kuar..
me : ~tersengih2 heheee~
panel 3,4 & 5 : blalalalalala
me : blalalalala

so, last2 1 soalan kuar
panel 3 : since ur quite can u control ur students...coz ur students mayb bigger, taller than u n might be having attitude probs...
me : mu stregth is my voice, it's quite loud...that's what most of my lecturers told me b4. so yaa, wif my voice. alto i'm small n petite...but wif my voice i think i'll be able to handle them.
panel 3 ~smile~

then it was tq time n
panel 2 : do u know that ur stregth is ur voice...when u speak it's really loud n clear. we can understand clearly what ur saying. if u hold on to this n find sumthing that really need ur vocal. u can go far. why dont u join a newscaster or broadcasters...
me : (wif muka pelik) haaa??? i'm not beautiful so i dont tink i fit there..
panel 2 : u dont need to be beautiful...if u r shy pki la topeng...
the rest pon ketawa2...
panel 1 : or if u really want to be an educator, the gvrnment are giving oppotunities to people to be cikgu sandaran. mayb u can gain xperience as an educator there. then if ur satisfied u can come back here n be one of us..
me : i'll take all that as an advice. thanks for having me here n for ur time.
the panels : thank 2 u too nurin

as i were packing my portfolio...
panel 2 : ok, beg tue x sesuai...
me : hehee beg free, i pki jer...

haaahhhh, tue jer snipet tok interview smlm...ader lagi citer kt tengah2 but x yah ar citer sume kn? citer sket pon dh penat..

ok la guys, thanks for the endless support...if i dont make it, well i'll try sum other time...
there will be other lights hopefully soon, till then i dunt wanna feel heart broken or quiting. insyaallah, ader rezeki mana2 pon boley...

Friday, March 20, 2009

butterflies in my tummy

tgl 2 hari jer lagi tok monday...
uuuu...cuak dh rs, x buat pape preparation pon.
apa agak nyer diorg nk tanyer?
sapa panel2 nyer?
lemah lutut...
all i know, i dh pikir nk pki baju per...heheee
appearance kn penting...
dh setel hal nie, akn di kongsi dgn korg kay...

monday / 8.30am / level 4 FSSR


Thursday, March 19, 2009


sempat lagi klu korg nk register tok join kempen

{ pada 28th Mac 09 / saturday / 8.30pm }

jom la kta sama2 spread the words n be a responsible citizen towards BUMI kta yg semakin sakit nie...what we can do is just switching off ur lights for 1 hour. by switching off ur lights is a vote for Earth, but leaving them on is a vote for Global, what say u?

jom kengkawan, sedara-mara, makcik pakcik, atuk nenek kt kampong. heheee

p/s: mama dh stuju, tp mesti mr hubby x mo join! hmmm, ammar mesti join k.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

yang MANA 1...

wif the feeling of xtra happy this morning for getting a gud news that can make me happy in so many ways...i can now claim that i can see some light at the end of the tunnel. so i call it SINAR HARAPAN n isnyaallah berjaya makin murah la rezki ammar hendak nyer. ini la org kt rezki anak...

that's why la...i tink my wish list dh makin yg mana 1 nk grab dl? anyone?

  1. CD (cloth diaper) tok ammar
  2. 3 doors drawer tok umi, IKEA
  3. almari kanak2 (sebelah tok hang, sebelah drawers) tok ammar
  4. treasure chest ammar, IKEA
  5. cute grey pinafore umi
  6. 1 jeans umi, ROMP
  7. puzzle ABC (tok letak kt lantai - senang ammar nk merangkak), c4
  8. activity blanket non slippery tok ammar, IKEA
  9. notebook
  10. magic hanger tok abah, cosway
  11. oke, hmpr seat ammar. kn beli yg btul2 comfy sbb klntn sgt jauh ok...

hmmm, tu e jer dl wat masa nie...mcm ader yg lupe...nti kasi ingat dl k.

p/s: klu ader 3k nie...1 ari setel sume dlm list nih... hek3x (^_^)'

Tak Ikhlas

pagi2 buta dh ujan lebat...mmg syok klu layan tdo. huuhuuu plak kepala asyik pening jer skrg berfikir tok masa depan. sooo, tau2 dh x sedar diri huhu. bout 5-6am ammar mengeram poo poo. uishhh, so i bg ammar few minutes to do his business. then bla ammar nk smbg tdo blek. cepat2 i change his diaper. tp memandangkn wet tisu yg sangat sejuk lap babat ammar. so ammar pon a bit disturbed and change his plan to be awake. warghhh, i feel i just had a few hours sleep. tp nk tak nak, kn battle dgn ammar to put him back to sleep. tdo gak akhir nyer. so i pon join ammar tdo n abah pegi keje tanpa the 2 of us babai. ciannnn, kta 2 can still continue our sleep tp abah harus berdepan jam nk ke keje.
dh la td time mandi i sengaja...i repeat sengaja melambatkn time dgn :
* mencuci sink
* memberus jamban
* memberus lantai bathroom
= puas ati pon setel pas mengemas. hehee hati dh tawar untuk ke ofis..jadi ini lah keje nyer..
dengan perasaan malas nk g keje td, i pon siap2. plak2 ammar's formula dh hbs. kn la tgu until giant bkk. by the time nk g, ammar dh start cranky. shouting for me...cian ammar. siap ader air mata kt tepi mata...fuhhh, dramatik btul ammar nie. bla sampai giant, x der display pon susu ammar yg tin besar. so, i rs dh rugi make a move to aeon au2. ader pon, siap beli roti lagi hahaaa...leisure2 btul! mmg malas sgt to be in this office...not bcoz i don like the people here, but more bcoz our boss is sooo full of s**t. hehee
but i do have gud news this morning. insyaallah if berjaya...ader lah SINAR HARAPAN BARU! which i so need rite now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday Celebration - Echa

kureng a*am btul! hehee dh taip susah2 tetba lak nk post ilang....menyampah btul when this happens...@#*+~% k la, ckp la tensi bout that...kta citer plak. huhu today is echa's birthday sbnr nyer..."happy birthday cha~" hehee tp mama dh buat pon her birthday on the 15th, last sunday. we had satay, agar2 custard (mama echa buat...sedap!), choc cake mama buat n kueh lopes (mmg kow punyer). huhu, but as usual...since echa x der member2 lagi. so like her previous birthday parties...yg jadi tetamu will always be our friends n family. hahaa party budak kecik tp org2 tua yg bout that? nasib la echa~ (^_^)' huhuu
tp ammar pon siap dpt hadiah from auntie farah. new dish set, yippe! mmg umi nkbeli tok ammar but since auntie farah dh baca my mind...mmg bagus! huhuu org lain punyer party, org lain dpt hadiah gak...thanx so much farah. ammar paling suker the ratller, main3x then masuk mulut...mayb he thinks benda bulat tue lollipop kot...ermmm, sedap~

nie la hadiah yg mr ammar dpt...thanx a bunch farah. pacifier ammar mmg x guna, so i rs simpan tok "future" nti la kn heheee. btw, happy 7 months old ammar!

oh yaaa, on the same day gak. we had another dear primary school geng. amelia nyer kenduri kahwin. i mmg nk sgt tgk amy jadi raja sehari coz i've never seen her wearing make up...mesti cantik, thats wat my mother said coz my parents went there b4 zuhur. i was so fashionably late k, yer la..dtg lmbt lagi mau pki cantik2 ker? khemah pon dh nk tutup...sume dh bungkus. tue la, mr hubby nk tdo dulu la...then bole gilir2 tdo ngan ammar...haighhh...amy siap masa my wedding from morning till ptg tgu. i plak bole show up time kul 5, even the pengantin also dh pegi photo shoot kt klcc. hmmm, TEBAL muka nie. tp mama amy yg mmg lembut pon ckp "xper, lambt macam mana pon asal dtg, dr x dtg" hehee senyum kambing jer la bole i wat.
huhuuu tp for late comers mcm our family. dpt la mcm2 door give : 2 box telur, 2 bahulu & 1 bunga pahar ltk dlm 2 beg yg cantik, thanx auntie maria for the warm welcome.
to amy n hubby "SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU, moga murah rezki, panjang umur & kekal ke anak cucu n ke akhirat kelak" insyaallah, amin ya rabbal alamin...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ammar don wanna let go~

oooohhhh, skarang nie ammar dh pandai sedey evrytime i'm going to work. today for instance, i dh siap n ammar saw me going to the door...suddenly nangis...aik, i tot his foot kn lenyek ngan walker sndr, tp impossible. so i took him n peluk n rub his stop n senyum. huhu ammar dh pandai rindu n sedey bla umi nk g keje yer...dh la today hujan n time tue terasa la malas nk g keje sbb kecian kt ammar. but "tink" mcm byk leave dh pki so i end up saying be strong n ammar will get used to it. sooo, ciom3 n say gud bye n i were going, yayipa dokong n let ammar looking at me went of.
hmmm, per la ammar ngah buat nie...pas ni wanna cal home n check on ammar.
kn best klu x keje n main ngan ammar evryday, but who wanna gimme what i need... i want a cupboard for me, cupboard for ammar, treasure chest for ammar, magic hanger for abah's working pants...huishhh, pnjg btul list tue...don tink mr hubby can afford to layan all my wish list needs...huhuuu


it's a very special day for me...coz on this day abah will go to Solat Jumaat n for me...this is the time i'll ask mr hubby to donate sum money...mintak2 moga di jauh segala bala. n also to pray on our safety, good health & prosperous 4 eva...insyaallah.

p/s: tp ader buat jahat gak arini...bc blog huhuuu...smpi menitis air mata.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


our trip to pd ended on monday, cuti umum sbb maulidur rasul. yup, i must say i had so much fun n am happy wif the from ear 2 ear. hehee, n i do too dpt tgkp pictures using SLR n cant wait for the result sbb dh lama sgt x pki. yg x best, the 2nd film...automatically the film rewind. huuhuuu...hopefully the pictures there turn out fine coz i tink i took really marveles pics there. so, nex time jom family in kluang n bee in ireland join this happening family holiday...yes? GREAT! i know u guys wud...n faliq, hope u join us tooo...hbs laa, rmi sgt kids running here n there...mesti!

tee...tgk tue, hepi tau! terserlah nok..

huishhh, susah btul nk dpt effect air tue...brape bnyk cobaan daa...

happy family...ammar+abah+umi

hmmm, ammar x sabar nk jalan...cepat je dh besar

umi luv u ammar...smileeee...

pertandingan sapa lompat plg tinggi...ok adam x aci, dh jump dl...cancel!

weeee, best main air...c u again laut, i'll come gain...


my comments : this house is BEAUTIFUL, i wish i can build a house like this...n it's link to the next house. from what i noticed, next door is simply smaller than ours. but imagine if we can rent both house for nex time...whoaaa...syiok to the max! heheee ok, come n tour the house wif me...

here is the front facade...nicely designed water elements...u can hear the water shuuushuuu... macam bunyi hujan pon ader calming n relaxing.

swimming pool n jacuzi...siap ader roof, x la gelap gulita kulit nti

jambatan kayu that links 2 houses

this is located at the parking area for the apartment...coolll

kitchen, lps kemas br snap2x..tgk la bukak tgkp all green, refreshing.

sideways, tangga ke apartment parking lot. notice x, bottom there mcm rumah kat abroad.

entrance to hall.

back door to parking lot...

view from my room..

bungalow 1 - welcomes u~

p/s: if nex time dpt 2 rumah mmg best. tp klu mr organizer amik 2 apartment pon k gak. i dont mind as long we can have a nice family day. so, if next time that is end of this year, ammar dh 1 year...yeayyy...boleh wat sand castle...

baby floats~

day 2 - 8th march '09 - swimming pool
about 5.00pm, ammar dh cranky mayb sbb adam have been telling him betapa syok kyer dorg jd baby hippo in the i pon give signals to abah that ammar wants to go tomorrow we'll be going back...i really want ammar to play in the pool. so abah pon mengaku kalah n sepantas kilat i tukar kn baju ammar n amik plampong baby float i bought for rm20. so, since i cannot mandi manda bcoz my bestfren join me the day we gerak to pd. so, i say..abah u kn mandi n teman ammar k. i don care, u don need to swim, just teman ammar main air k. *mr hubby never took swimming class so...faham2 jer la. tats why la so shy to go to the pool.. haiya...

ammar having great fun...abah kt air ammar ok jer. plus ader cousins sume...abah ajak kuar pon xmo..

heheee...syok tgk muka ammar hepi...

tq umi for convincing abah to let me play in the prob long as u r happy...i'm happy for u...heheee *knn2 conversation between umi n ammar

adam : ammar, prasan x bumbung ni xder kipas? whooaaa...
ammar : ala, biar jer...enjoy cepat..nti blek mandi dlm tub jer, x beshh...

abah dh sejuk mar, jom arrr...kuar...huuhuuu...relax la bah, kta rendam lg k..

wuhuuu, i do want to rendam in the pool. but cannot la, sooo i tink i wanna put a plastic swimming pool in my i can rendam2 in the pool anytime i want wif ammar n abah.

bright n sunny!

day 2 - 8th march '09 - short trip to PD Ostrich Farm
rm 8 = dewasa
rm 4 = kids
rm0 = babies...ammar FOC

ammar must be thinking...per la ni yer?

i called the kambing "bing" n it i tink the name is bing...

the only white kambing around...cute n friendly too.

me n ammar, wif my current fav bing...teheee

the Ostrich Farm ader macam2 binatang gak...i noticed there were turkey ker but smaller, beruk yg buat show, sheep, ayam hutan, n tue jer kot. plus bole bg jagung to the ostrich n bole beli kt kaunter for rm2. there's a race track for the ostrich too...but i dont know if we can ride them.
ader mini zoo too, but x smpt g coz ammar was fast asleep pas minum susu kt dlm kete ngan abah. i was driving...then ader gak muzium tentera but didnt manage to go time perhaps..

abah + umi + ammar = happy family~

day 2 - 8th March '09 - beach walk
pagi2 lagi lepas abah solat subuh n ammar as usual wud wake up around 6.30, abah decided to take ammar to the there the 3 of us go n jalan2 menghirup udara segar. we want ammar to see the great view since this is ammar's 1st time to the beach. ammar mmg syok sgt tp letting ammar main air laut is a no no for us..sbb ammar still baby lg. tgu besar sket then boley, plus abah xmo ammar jd hitam hahaa..thats why i call mr hubby "putera lilin", takot kn panas n hitam...herannn n klakar kn?
a walk wif abah

family potrait...fuyooo, nape muka ganas ammar?

i like the snap2x yer mr hubby...

hehee...sbnr nyer agak x larat agkt ammar mcm nie...bergambar nyer psl...


7-8.00am, still nice n peaceful.

bbq nite!

day 1, saturday nite...we had our bbq. there were ayam, hotdog, sandwiches n drinks.. not much laa, tp we managed to finish all the foods. that nite was raining so we've to share tempat bbq wif the nex door prob, hidup mesti bermasyarakat! heheee

papa dengan hawaii shorts...hehee

pak long munch munch tuna sandwich ateh prepared

mak alang, uwan, ammar, mama rugged, tee n echa

mak long melawa lagi...n the gangs b4 bbq

uncle imran + family, ammar. ein,adam,ammar : lunch time. nek nyang n ammar kt bbq. abah kn buli ngan ammar...sakit tau! "bbq"ing...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

trip to Port Dickson - day 1

day 1 - saturday - 7th march '09

alhamdullillah, at last dapat gak pujuk mr hubby to go to pd wif the adams family. hehee but poor me...i'm the one who is sooo sooo xcited to be a hippo in the swimming pool...tup2, jeng2 helo bestfren...PeRiOd...siottt laaa, guess i've to buy a plastic pool la tok hilang kn rasa ketagih. how bout dat, plus ley la ammar jd baby hippo naik bot wif umi...

so, to baby nun jauh di ireland n family in kluang yg masih dlm time join k...
can't wait for the whole family to gather n cuti2 malaysia.

ammar kepenatan travel...hehe about 2 hrs journey jer...

*brought along his sleeping set so x la, we mommies kn get ready. so since sume ader...ammar no prob tdo plus ader aircon...syiookk hbs..

chewah, merenung jauh...mayb guessing apa ader kt sana ehhh...or...kt ner nih?

anak abah...enuf said

test baby float...okehhh, babat muattt sgt...teeheee

adam : ammar, dh g mandi pool?

ammar : lom g, abah kt ptg bla dh redup...

adam : oooo...

ammar : hmmmm...

mr hubby n ammar...uncle imran n ajeera

tok yoyong *mr organizer...thanx a million for the wonderful trip n ammar

the makcik melah family...uwan *smile smile, mak alang, mama,

auntie ju *family fren, mak long n pak long...

*to be continued....


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