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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tag from alya

1. the rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. each player answers the questions about themselves
3. at the end of the post, the player then tags 5 peoples and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged & to ask them to play & read your blog.

starting time : 01.11 pm
name : nurin elani makrai
shoe size : 5.5 - 6 kot :D
height : 160cm
where do you live : currently at my parents, taman sri keramat au2
have you ever been on a plane : yes
swam in the ocean : maybe once but not really swam, just berendam {takot kt laut n sungai tp suke swim kt pool...gila memilih kn?}
fallen asleep @ school : masa form 5 slalu sangat...dok depan lagi
broken someone's heart : not doesnt have to be boys jer kn? if then, penah laa..
fell off your chair : penah sangat. form 3 masa tue membe mainkn. sakit oooo...rasa nk pukul klu jumpa dia lagi.
sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : macam penah heheee

saved emails : once a while...lama gila x check mail.
what is your room like : sederhana besar n kadang2 bersepah dikerjakan anak jantan tue.
what's right beside you : design baru wrapping paper yg dh siap di print.
what is the last thing you ate : muffin strawberry my sis buat pagi tadi.
ever had...chicken pox : x penah lagi. dats why i dont really like to hear it...uuuu
sore throat : penah tp not so keen to have one coz if i have sore throat bole smpi sesak nafas. {dulu kecik2 penah ada bronkitis dek kerana makan ubat nyamuk}
stitches : tak, 2. satu kat dahi masa dulu sek ren jatuh kt tarmek sek. then epi coz deliver ammar.
broken nose : tak pernah
do you believe in love at first sight : entah, tp i rasa crush jer kot...penahhhh...{sendiri suker}
like picnincs : suke lebih2 lagi klu picnics mcm dlm cerita mat salleh.
the last person you danced with : kawan2 sekolah kot {i penari kebudayaan sekolah dulu hehee}
last made you smile : ammar
you last yelled at : bukan yell tp menyatakan hasrat hati yang geram, officemate. bad mood arini.
today did to someone you like : yes. en suami
kissed anyone : ade dua2 kt pipi hubby n ammar
get sick : baru jer baik...flu, demam, cibi n muntah.

talk to an ex : diorg tue dh history...dont even think wanna see them.
miss someone : old times when i was problem free
who do you really hate : this very moment, my boss n people yg make me angry.
do you like your handwriting : bole la, tp i ada mcm2 jenis handwriting. cant seem to stick at one
are you toe nails painted : nope, not interested
whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : none coz i cant sleep when im not in my bed {x biasa tdo sgt umah orang tue la pasal}
what color shirt are you wearing now : black
are you a friendly person : hmmm i am n can be {tp bila ngah marah nobody wants to come near me}.

do you have any pets : yup, i like cats.
do you sleep with the tv on : nope but sometimes my hubby likes to leave the tv on. compius gak.
what are you doing right now : jawab tag ni
can you handle the truth : ikot keadaan
are you closer to your mother or father : mama
do you eat healthy : x seriusly, tried but seems impossible
do you still have pictures of you & your ex : rasa nyer dh koyak kn sume.
if you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : hubby. tp sumimes bila ada time dia buat x dengar, ikot cerita la...sooo kt mama or i do like to talk to my cat. mmg sgt relax tau.
are you loud or quiet most of the time : hahahaa ikot laaa...
are you confident : on looks, no. but other than that ikot la. sumtimes i try to find my strengths here n there huhuu
5 of my bad habit : suka kopek bibir, suker korek luka separuh kering, suke duduk bongkok, suke tdo dr makan n lastly suke memberi tekanan pada diri sendiri {why?}
5 people tag : oli, yaya, kak nieza, kak ngah & jack.


oli said...

huhuhuhuhu...dah banyak saya hutang dedek...

re: almari bebe tu beli kat giant taman connought...harga 138kot kalau tak silap...kalau yang plain [pintu tak ada color tu lagi murah sikit]

elani makrai said...

to oli:
nasib baik hutang tag, klu hutang duit...woooo saya sudah kaya loooo hehee :D

re: ooo, saya nk kaler macam tue jugak la. klu plain dia maintain kaler putih jer x per gak bole saya design pape atas almari tue. tp klu kaler kayu xmo la...


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