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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


my comments : this house is BEAUTIFUL, i wish i can build a house like this...n it's link to the next house. from what i noticed, next door is simply smaller than ours. but imagine if we can rent both house for nex time...whoaaa...syiok to the max! heheee ok, come n tour the house wif me...

here is the front facade...nicely designed water elements...u can hear the water shuuushuuu... macam bunyi hujan pon ader calming n relaxing.

swimming pool n jacuzi...siap ader roof, x la gelap gulita kulit nti

jambatan kayu that links 2 houses

this is located at the parking area for the apartment...coolll

kitchen, lps kemas br snap2x..tgk la bukak tgkp all green, refreshing.

sideways, tangga ke apartment parking lot. notice x, bottom there mcm rumah kat abroad.

entrance to hall.

back door to parking lot...

view from my room..

bungalow 1 - welcomes u~

p/s: if nex time dpt 2 rumah mmg best. tp klu mr organizer amik 2 apartment pon k gak. i dont mind as long we can have a nice family day. so, if next time that is end of this year, ammar dh 1 year...yeayyy...boleh wat sand castle...

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