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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bright n sunny!

day 2 - 8th march '09 - short trip to PD Ostrich Farm
rm 8 = dewasa
rm 4 = kids
rm0 = babies...ammar FOC

ammar must be thinking...per la ni yer?

i called the kambing "bing" n it i tink the name is bing...

the only white kambing around...cute n friendly too.

me n ammar, wif my current fav bing...teheee

the Ostrich Farm ader macam2 binatang gak...i noticed there were turkey ker but smaller, beruk yg buat show, sheep, ayam hutan, n tue jer kot. plus bole bg jagung to the ostrich n bole beli kt kaunter for rm2. there's a race track for the ostrich too...but i dont know if we can ride them.
ader mini zoo too, but x smpt g coz ammar was fast asleep pas minum susu kt dlm kete ngan abah. i was driving...then ader gak muzium tentera but didnt manage to go time perhaps..

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