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Friday, March 27, 2009

ammar & his squeking fren

taken : 14/03/09, Saturday, 6.45pm

hehee, i really love watching ammar playing by himself...usually i'll play along for the 1st few minutes then let him play alone. hoping that he'll be an independant & brave boy sumday. just look at him playing, serious btul. but ofcoz when he's bored...i'll come to the rescue...pretending to be his saviour... hahaa supermom to the rescue... :P

*tehee, used to be abah's supergal. yer laa, galfren cum secretary cum driver to lots of interviews (there was a case i sat just behind him - i can say he's not comfy at all) haha n lots more...i hope i'm still his supergal or superwife...

Long live Superwife & Supermom!!

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