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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

abah + umi + ammar = happy family~

day 2 - 8th March '09 - beach walk
pagi2 lagi lepas abah solat subuh n ammar as usual wud wake up around 6.30, abah decided to take ammar to the there the 3 of us go n jalan2 menghirup udara segar. we want ammar to see the great view since this is ammar's 1st time to the beach. ammar mmg syok sgt tp letting ammar main air laut is a no no for us..sbb ammar still baby lg. tgu besar sket then boley, plus abah xmo ammar jd hitam hahaa..thats why i call mr hubby "putera lilin", takot kn panas n hitam...herannn n klakar kn?
a walk wif abah

family potrait...fuyooo, nape muka ganas ammar?

i like the snap2x yer mr hubby...

hehee...sbnr nyer agak x larat agkt ammar mcm nie...bergambar nyer psl...


7-8.00am, still nice n peaceful.

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