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Friday, March 27, 2009

chasing monty lion

taken : 22/03/09, sunday, 6.36pm

sejak dua menjak into crawling, ammar sleeps a lil bit late than usual. usually he sleeps around 9pm, but after mastering his skills on crawling n seating...he now sleeps 10.30 or 11pm like last night. i had garfield eyes last night hahaaa....big but half :) coz i need to be by his side, ALWAYS. coz he'll crawl n seat anywhere he wants. even if he notice sumting that interests him on the floor he'll quickly wif full excitement wants to jump out of the bed...serious takot ok...he can also climb on me (konon2 jadi tembok cina laaa,tp x guna pon). fuhhh, mmg tiring btul main ngan ammar nie...coz abah came home late last night...i brought ammar down to ask nyima play along wif ltk ammar dlm walker lg he can be xtra tired huuhuu...sooo, as apunishment to abah for being home late n making wait for u till 11pm... punishment : put ammar to sleep coz umi dh nk pengsan hahaa...

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