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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seriously Scary...

i read an e-mail from a friend just now. it was about the war in palestin...n i must say it's scary if it happens to us here in malaysia. what caught my intention was on what the soldiers did to "brighten up their day" there. killing babies n kids are their game. raping women n kids is what they enjoy the most...but why? what did they do to deserve all THIS? i am really2 upset after reading the e-mail. raping pregnant women...what if this happens to ur wife? how will u feel? do they realise about this? what is happening to the WORLD today... i keep asking myself, what will happen in the future...what can i do to help them n us...what can we do to protect our own country from being the, i do hope Allah will have us save from all these nightmares.. insyaallah...

...keep in mind that this tagline shud always be in our mind n heart...always!

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