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Friday, February 27, 2009

Ammar pastu...Umi

obviously, i'm kinda "sengkek" at the moment since x dapat gaji lagi. but honestly, i dont get big pay checks every month n sooo...when buying things for me self...ammar's things are always on top of me n hubby's priority list. so in the previous post i did plan on buying a crocs. but after thingking that for a crocs i can get ammar his treasure, instead i bought a shoe from Giant, Kota Damansara for only rm 9.99. hahaa (^_^) never bought a pair of shoes at this price before. but if it's comfy + suits my style...why not! i'm up for it. n i did too buy a sleeveless for rm 1.99 harharhar (ketawa lagi besar sket).
hmmm, perempuan~ before married - priority is always for themselves. after got married - hubby 1st then them. after getting a baby - top priority baby, then hubby...last me. huhuuu dats why i feel better if fellow wives work..coz we wives are actually the backbones of the family. wives will always sacrifice no matter what. (even shopping pon dh tukar, from malls to hyperstore..sedey sungguh)

but i do love wearing em...ringan!

from side + back view

rm 1.99, regret for not buying another colour..yellow.

what mama have to say bout this...harharhar (ketawa x hengat) bcoz i kuarkn this statement.. "tgk ammar, skng umi bli barang murah2 jer. sbb ammar lagi penting...(dlm hati ~sib baik dulu papa dh bagi rasa pki best2") don wanna depend so much on hubby bla shopping. if he wants to buy me stuff, i glady accept them wif a big smile~


peah @ peps said...

peps' moto:cheap things..are easy to dispose after years of using them..:p

jom kumpul duit..we can get tonnes of good stuffs (for the whole family) di BANDUNG!!..

elani makrai said...

btul gak kn...klu yg mahal n branded, bla dh x muat pon wat2 muat lagik kn...hehee slps berperut nie, byk ssh muat hahaa...

ohhhh, tq 4 reminding me bout BANDUNG...yer, klu begitu...gue nk menabung tok BANDUNG SPREE! hehee


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