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Thursday, February 12, 2009


huhuu..yesterday we had a meeting and boss ordered us to go to taylors, inti & sunway do what? give students free some-sort-of-pocket size calendar, with promotion messages on the other side. man, was i "malu sangat". becoz the students there..i can say some are snobbish, ok n some are quite rude. fuhhh...this job is absolutely not suitable for me..
well, at the end of the being creative..slot the calendar at most of the cars we found. hahahaa... imagine having to give about 2k calendars per day..agak melampau la.

well, enuf bout that. so after that tiring home n wait for hubby wif ammar. hehee, had no shorts to wear. so i pon geledah hubby's almari. n grabbed his boxer.. no wonder he likes to wear it. it's so comfortable n airy..hahaha..

when he reached home late last night he was like..."oooo, sayang..u pakai boxer i yer..bukak..bukak skrg jugak.." hehee and me being sleepy n all "allaaa, pinjam ar...jgn kcu i tdo la..sok i bg balik ar boxer nie k.." hehee untung we almost have the same size..i tink i wanna buy girls boxer la after this...cute2 design...then x yah curik hubby nyer. huhuuu (^^,)~

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