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Friday, February 6, 2009

pimp my RiDe...

hehee...pimp my ride la sangat. dis is ammar's 1st time naik walker.
actually there are attachments at his walker, but considering there will
be cousins playing together. we decided to put it aside. i dont want
them to have "the rebut mainan" moment which cud be quite dangerous
for lil ammar. coz he's still in the beginner mode...mayb nex month he'll
be ready for the he can just watch adam to lari2.
huhuuu sabar la ammar...ur turn will soon come..

saliva attack..hehee

ok, control mulut..huhu

umi...ammar suke walker mana stering nih?

hewwooo...lepak jap...purggnaaatttt...


Anonymous said...

Comel Comel Comel!!!!!!

Aunty Baby.

elani makrai said... mulut tue mmg x ley ttp kn? haighhhh ammar..ammar...


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