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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last 24th..i didn't have the MOOD to go to work...heheee don't ask me why. so while taking my shower that very fine morning, i decided to go to peps's house coz it's been like almost 3 weeks since the last visit (i guess). so, ran down to the nannies aka mama n niteh...spill out the idea macam tanye2 ayam then mama said. why not kta g uma fiza...yeayyyy~ u read my mind hahaa.
so me n niteh go to buy breakfast 1st, then siap2 all the kids. a big applause to me for being the best umi dat day (i give the tittle to me self hahaa coz ammar is the only 1 who took his bath n r well prepared...buat susu for the lil journey) for the so called "Nursery On The Move". hehee atleast the kids are happy for giving them sum time out of the house. we ended going home after maghrib coz it was a working day..traffic jam will make the kids go CRAZZZYYY...and i dont wanna dat.

ammar's happy, peps smooching him...while me holding ammar at the back there.
hmmm ammar got lil confused dat day and tot peps is his umi...ohhh, hancur hati ku..
well, we do look alike..enuf said~

niteh, adam, mama, ammar, echa, jeera n ibu...
disscussing bout the nursery eh?

we do have a great time dat day...but for me, the next day i got cirit-birit...ape la yang salah 25th i have to take 1/2 day leave coz sakit sangat plus we kinda lack of water supply here in the office..huhuu
oh yaa, nex post i'll tell u what i got from Giant, kota damansara.


Elsye said...

senangnya berkumpul ya El...:D, ammar dah keliatan besar sangat :D

peah @ peps said... may got confused as well soon...

elani makrai said...

ya, emangnye sronok sangat berkumpul ramai2...kita happy, anak2 pon happy juga.

heheee tue la, ammar cepat dh besar.. huhu tau2 nanti sudah mau ke sekolah...uwarrghhh sob2..

cool. tp nti sabtu ko nk balek johor dh...jadi sib baik g tgk ko aritue...hehee pasni bole siapkn hadiah rania. yeayyy!
thanx 4 the pics..

peah @ peps said... problemo dek...


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