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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

peps house + IKEA = FUN!

i tink it was wednesday the 28th me+ammar+papa+mama gi umah
peps@ja. mmg lama sgt x visit was even more suprisingly lagi
banyak barang than b4. hehee, so after spying on her things then i saw this
bottles drying stand..hehee tiru ja n bought 1 for ammar, the last pack at jusco
wangsa maju. then geledah2 lagi n jumpe things that i tink mmg i patut ader..
sooo, after the superb lunch at peps' ktaorg gerak g IKEA (last g bout 1 year ago)
fuhhh...mmg sangat laaamaaa...he hehe he...
so, ammar 1st trip to much to see smpi tetdo..
but he was being such a good boy n slept for the rest 2 hours n hanging to me..

best tdo...feeling secure n safe.

bangun when we almost finish shopping...gulp2 sama itu susu botol
n still hanging...mmg ammar best!

hehee...nampak camera punyer pasal...

my mama n ateh... hehee ader2 jer dorg nih...

papa, mama, ibu n ateh...papa carik sumting but mama is hoping papa
blanja her..hehee

ammar n nek nyang...ammar yg bulat2...chubby cheeky umi..
the best part for this trip is ammar being such a good boy the whole day..
but mayb jalan banyak for the whole day n playing n gugu gagaying wif uncle shan
(gelak banyak sgt) before going home...halfway home he cried mmg
kuat sgt smpi teresak2..i was driving plak then terpaksa cari petrol pump
tukar driver lak ngan papa...ammar being so hungry n sleepy tp dapat "nenen" trus
senyap n tdo smpi la kt umah, hehee... ammar ammar...


Anonymous said...

No other words, except....I MISS MY FAMILY SO MUCH!!!! SO SO MUCH!!!! ='((((

Anonymous said...

owh lupe, btw its me BABY!!! ='(((

elani makrai said...

i know it's u that's why i'll make sure to update my posts to accompany ur lil hectic life in dublin...suker? jgn la sedey bee.. just make sure u come back dis year k...btw, fiza dh dpt baby girl! yippeee~


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