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Thursday, February 19, 2009

psssttt... happily now in the beginner state of crawling. he will move back n front in just one spot hahaa...but do sumtimes try to m0ve his hands 4wrd. but i tink he's not ready for it yet. so all he'll do is pushing his body back n forth until he's tired and then rest. wat worries me dat altho he seems to just be in a spot but beware! he can rolls faster than u can imagine which makes it dangerous to leave him alone. even he can roll in his sleep. imagine...huhuu. so since there are 2 babies (ammar & adam) in the nursery, so when they are awake..they said that it's much safer to place them in the playpen. long as everybody is safe..i'm ok with it. but ammar will only sit in the playpan if his cousins are in the playpan next to his...penakot ke tue? huhuu...mayb.

enjoying his moments in the playpan..hehee

ammar making his "kering" xpression.

i tink he'll sit anytime soon...yeay! hip2 hooray ammar!

p/s: i tink dis blog is not mine...more likely to be ammar's...yes?


Elsye said...

El, ammar...sooo cuutee..., senangnye dia berguling-guling :D..

happy tiap hari El lihat perkembangan Ammar :)

elani makrai said...

itu laaa...lagi comel bila ammar suker buat macam2 kerenah. memang happy sgt..sbb tue suka tangkap gambar ammar selalu.

klu el tgk real live lagi kelakar. ammar suke pretend batuk so orang akan dokong dia. macam2 trick ada. heheee..

el, wat about many kids do u have?

peah @ peps said...

..wah..dah angkat punggung..go go ammar!

elani makrai said...

heheee...tue la.
ko pon dh saksikn sendri ammar angkat punggung smlm...

ammar nk blajar duduk dh...


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