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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


serabut sgt rasa nyer...huhuuu. macam2 ada dalam pikiran ni..
aduhhh, tolong la. serabut nak pilih which career antara lecturer or designer laa, personal problem lg..n macam2 lagi..

k, problem no 1..if i be a lecturer which i think quite funny (hahaa) i get xtra the process is not simple. kena belajar blek n THESIS..warghhhh, gila la dibuat nyer. tp bak kata org "susah dahulu, then baru senang". yup, i do agree with dat. plus, klu pegi study blek i only have to attend class in the evening from morning till nk pegi class, i got all the time to spend with my son..horaayy!! so, all i have to do now is tunggu iklan masters kluar je. so i think dat problem is settle. stuju?

next, problem no's really2 personal. so i dun think i want to spread the problem over the web n tell the whole world. then it won't be personal anymore kn? huhuuu..actually to someone out there (yes, u..u know who u are) i really miss the old u. u have changed n i think u r so different from whom u r before. why do u have to change? why? i really miss n need u. huhuuu ;(

hmmm..dah la, i think i dun want to write anymore. got so many problems to think n to ignore. i feel like putting all my problems, sorrows n everything that is making me stress in a bottle n campak dalam toilet n flush it down..

ya allah, give me the strength. please help n show me the way to find peace n calmness in me. insyaallah, i need sum time out.


peah @ peps said...

hi adek..

problem 1: pass me the info gak eh..kalau dah kuar iklan dia..hhehe

problem 2: aku doakan...:)

elani makrai said...

ok, kta jadik lecturer la yer?
ley jg anak masing2..
nursery = scary..

mmm, tq ja n ein 4 all the doas n advice..macam nk nanges lak aku.. huhu

peah @ peps said...

huhu..takyah nangis2..:P

elani makrai said...

tue la..wat rugik air mata jer kn?
smbl nyanyi destiny's child "i'm a survivor"...


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