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Monday, November 24, 2008


hmmm...dh lama rase nyer nk siapkn project gift 4 ammar...
got no time bcoz bz bee for these few weeks..
heheee bos plak dok ke hulur ke hilir.. it's like if we rest for just 1 minute..
the bomb will blow or somting.. tensi gak!
but today, i haven't see him i curik sumtime to do this..

nway, enuf bout my dis is what i hv done so far..
today, i hope i can prepare all the things i need to make a scrapbook..
it's sure a long way to go..
i hope everything goes smooth..wohoooo
plus, if i ever succeed..i'm gonna be tutoring my cousin on scrapbooking for her future junior..
wish me luck! :)


peah @ peps said...

yesss!!!...tutoring me...itu sudah pasttiiiii!!!!

elani makrai said...

welcome to my class sooonnn!!!


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