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Monday, December 1, 2008


i was lazing (ader ke ayat lak bunyik dia) around while waiting for time to go home (keje hbs kul 5.30pm) so, log in to freaks graphix (helmi yg tubuh kn nie).. so baca2 la sume postings yg ader. i came across 1 post where the author suruh tulis pengalaman masing2 mase 1st time kenal bebudak group kita org. time baca tue memang tergelak2 n banyak la 'bout myself (so, ternyata la diterima kengkawan kn?) those were back in august..mase tue ngah cuti tunggu nk deliver ammar, so x dpt la nk join post tue..till today, i manage to find sum time to archieve sume posting. wowww mmg byk btul..n menarik. mase tue la terdetik "owh, how i miss my friends so much"..xpecially those from UiTM. n ofcoz my long lost bestfriends from primary n secondary school (jgn amik nie latest kengkawan) hmmm, wish i cud meet u all. tp time tue macam x ley jer coz saturday n sunday is family bila bole jumper korang sume la gak nyer..Gathering? gud idea x..jgn last2 skli x dpt g sudah..slalu mcm nie... but i'm so eager to meet u all..huhuu..
p/s: the pic above was the days back in uitm..last grup gathering kt tasik..hmmm


peah @ peps said...

yp..i miss my fwenz too..nasib i got hooked up with one...hidup shan!..:)

elani makrai said...

heheheee.. melampau tau..
tau la ko kawen ngan shan..
heheee ruper2 stuck gak ngan 1 of them kn..yeay 2 u!


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