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Monday, November 17, 2008

prezie for Ammar

Ammar is 3 months now on the 14th...
so i tot of making him a prezie...
well, the whole idea is actually making him a "Scrapbook Album"..starting from the day he was born..heheeheee..
*do hope i hv all the time in the world to do this..hmmmm
when i hv free time, sure akan ku cr time itu utk mencapai sukses scrapbooking ammar's life.

so..inilah baby steps for Ammar's scrapbook:

so far..nie jer baru..still far far away...uhhhuuuu
semoga sukses! wish me luck!
*p/s: if u guys are interested in making visit flickr n u can find loads of cute scrapbook n all..kat atas tue lah yg bg inspiration tok stat wat scrapbook nie..


peah @ peps said...

syok betul!!!..nanti ajau aku buat dek...utk junior aku nanti..

elani makrai said...

no problemo ja..
kta mesti wat..dr guna album biasa baek wat sumting interesting kn?


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