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Monday, November 24, 2008

pursuing "Happiness"

i'm all alone in the studio today..both my coworkers are on leave..boohuhuu...
rasa x syok pon ader coz when keny around, the studio will be lively bcoz dia slalu on kn radio..
n alin plak, will b laughing sorang2 at her desk..
curik2 baca e-mail yg lawak..

working here, "once upon a time" memang best, xpecially the environment.. the people and the today..mcm empty jer..
everybody are pursuing their on happiness n dreams.. what bout me?
i have thought of leaving n continue my studies.. tp tah la..been thingking bout it just now...
started asking friends their opinions.. hmmm...

tp br jap td boss masuk n give some thoughts of his own about the company..
he said "gimme sum time..2-3 years time to make this new bussiness achieve its patient nurin" mmmm...poning2 kpla den.. how laaa...but pursuing dreams is in everybody..
i just want to have a better career for a better future.. plus..a wee bit extra cash wud be gud.. (^^,)

hmmm...lecturer or designer?
help, anyone...


peah @ peps said... what u have to do, dek...follow ur heart...and redah jerrrrrr...

elani makrai said...

hmmm, tue la kn..
klu x redah..mana ndak dtg hasil nyer kn.. risiko? sume pon ader..

Zaedah said...

relax, take it eaaaasy~ gaga :P
nyanyi2 sket, bahagia a nnti.
heh, ngarut je.

betul la tu, redah je! mane rosak ke koyak ke nnti leh betulkan blk. (mksud tersirat)
fahamilah. haha

elani makrai said...

hmmm, thanx nor..yer la, kak dek dh wat decision pon..
mmg nk redah jer kali nie..
so, presenting..the future lecturer hahahaa

peah @ peps said...

teruskan meredah..

elani makrai said...

nak redah or terjah nie?
heheee ganassss...zasss...


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