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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary dear!

it's our 1st anniversary..
but got no give for hubby daffo..
out of budget this month.. ;) hehee
but atleast i gave u a baby..har3x..

so, we did nothing n didn't celebrate either..
but i did remind him yesterday when he was buzy
putting ammar to sleep..

well, actually i'm not xpecting sumting from him..

*p/s: (here is sumting 4 u..i design it n anyone interested in free mobile contents do visit my company's webpage

just that i hope our marriage last till death do us part.
and we'll be happy always n luv each other forever.



peah @ peps said...

Adek!!!...heppy anniversary...!!! sorry dek..aku tak sehebat ko..can remember birthdays and anniversaries...

anyhow..aku suke statement ko - 'at least i gave u a baby'..hahaha..

elani makrai said...

ala, aku kn suker ingat menda2 cem nie.. sbb tue daffo kt aku nie pk byk..sbb tue gak dia kater memory box aku nie slalu full.. ok per kn..ader yg suke amik tau pon k gak..

ahahahaaa...the power of mother n wife nyer statement tuhhh.. :)


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