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Friday, November 28, 2008

away from Hustle n Bustle in KL...

yesterday i and my fellow coworkers, Keny & Alin went to FRIM, invitation from our lady boss Susan (boy, was she xcited bcoz it was her 1st time visit there plus she's an adventurous type n fun too..x sangka) :D. so there we go 1 kereta wif our bosses (hubby n wife) + their 2 boys + 3 of us. so we met at office at about 8.15am and truskn our journey to frim. so sampai2 jer, susan nak pegi waterfall.tapi x mandi la..just main air jer. mula2 pon me n alin malu2 nk bukak kasut..pastu for the sake of taking pix..redah ajer la. so, here r sum of the pix there. enjoy!
~me n alin (macam baru menjajah jer tmpt ni)

so, sebelah kanan tue is a picture of my boss, susan + me + alin..hehe basah sluar kt kaki n blakang coz melawan arus huhu. yg best nyer kat waterfall nie, air nyer sejuk n tenang sangat. trus lupe sume masalah n penat lelah kat ofis. wow, speechless btul! wlupon kl nie bz tempat nyer tapi at least ader gak Frim n it's open for public from 7.00am till 7.00pm. but for joggers, 6.30 is the limit la. so admittion fee is rm2 per car n rm1 for every person in the car (this is what keny told me..kalu salah kasi hantam sama dia la..k). so provided parking from entrance smpi la kat dalam hutan, memang senang sangat. u can also bawak bicycle if nk mountain biking trecking k. so 2nd pic : is me n alin making faces. skali skala wat muke tah pape tah for relaxing sake. pastu 3rd pic : keny + me + alin, suke suki time so pose pon mesti pape jer. far right is the waterfall..cantik kn? me likey..

pix suke2..
1. kaki susan + alin + me (clockwise)
  1. 2. tinggal kn tapak tangan kat

  2. 3. me + alin ~ dekat info centre

  3. 4. i heart this place or my kaki heart dis place :P

  4. 5. pose depan signage..konon2 lost

  5. 6. nk tunjuk daun keladi giant..don't i look tiny

  6. 7. kt canopy walk kecik..susan + alin + me

next pic~ keny was our tour guide so this is another nice place..Buluh Gergasi / Giant Bamboo. so here are sum pics taken.

  • alin + susan + me (the theme for this pic is happi faces

  • trying to be 1 of the buluh

  • infos on the bamboo

  • pohon bambooo lalaa

  • pic at camping site

  • showing u guys the real size of the bamboo..besar sangat ok!

at last, our fun trip pon was time to go back to office. all i can say, i had so much fun n this is a present for my "sum time out" situation b4. well there u go..a smile wif ful of happiness to all of u.

i wish all of u love + peace + harmony.. :)


peah @ peps said...

..its FRIDAY!!..freaky friday...u guys got a day out of the office...syiokkk nye...

elani makrai said...

heehee..tue la, tp pastu kn blek ofis blek..
pastu bz bee blek la.. nk reply comments pon x sompek hahh..


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