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Monday, December 13, 2010

E.G.G... "egg"

sejak dua menjak tgk Word World, Ammar dh bole layan nak ngeja2 nie...the two words yg dia paling terer spell is E.G.G = egg & U.P = up. egg is simply becoz he loves eggs too much and up sbb dia suke sgt tgk cite tue...

for me, cite UP nie ada moral values dia jugak n ammar suke sgt kat atuk aka Carl sbb byk sgt belon kan? but for me, i always love the works from PIXAR. lagi pon dia pandai build up story2 yang diorg create, the colors and story line. story line yg penting kan, sbb Abah Ammar sangat particular over protective ttg apa yg ammar ley tgk. so the first movie yang Ammar tgk is Finding Nemo (his fav), Brother Bear (ammar tak layan sgt), Bugs Life, Monster Inc and the latest Up hot pick Ammar

p/s: tapi ada gak works dr Dreamworks yang Ammar layan...shark tale...suke nie ammar.

aktiviti sedara...konon2 ngah build words la tue... =)


peah @ peps said...

rania loves UP too! Ajeera kalau come over to the house.."k.jaja...i want to watch nemo.."

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elani makrai said...

hmmm, tu la...UP mmg superb! ajeera ngah hot ngan nemo eh?? hihiii bole geng ngan ammar gak nie.

p/s: tp klu tgk ngan ammar nemo hbs dia dh cite sume...hafal btul! apa tak nyer...44x sehari...


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