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Thursday, May 7, 2009

a week till 9 months old

i just can't believe that next week ammar will be 9 months old. owhhh, how time flies soooo fast. soon ammar will be 1. hmmm, dh besar anak umi nih. ammar have gone tru difficult times last month n he's getting better n more aggressive nowadays. hee hee, sejak dua menjak botak nie lagi la notti =D cant wait him to be 1.
luv u loads ammar


alyyani said...

amboi, mcm ade big planning je ummi ammar nak buat sempena ammar 1 year old nih..

elani makrai said...

mmg nk ader planning besau pon. harap2 la menjadi...sib baik ammar nyer birthday x jatuh time pose. sompat lagi klu nk wat party... huhuuuu


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