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Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is what you have to do..

1. Thank and link the person who gave you the award.. post the above award in your entry too..
   - i thanked Zahidah & Alya for giving me this award...thanks babe.
2. List the date of birth of your first child and your following children.. add also their names..
3. Upload a picture of you with your children..
4. For those mommy to be.. your pregnant picture will do..
5. Pass the award to all mommy bloggers you know! Let them know k..

Ammar Uzair bin Dezalfhie
14th August 2008

so...i wanna pass this award to all mommies in my blog list :
>kak nieza
>kak oli
and the rest...amik tau.

p/s : z, hutang aku kat ko dah langsai...
p/s 2 : alya, yours will be next.

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