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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WISHing for the Twinkling lil Stars

i wud love to live in this kind of environment n surrounding that spells
C.A.L.M, B.R.E.A.T.H.T.A.K.I.N.G, C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L n everything that is sweet n serene.
i wish Malaysia is like this or wud be nice to just walk to the office n feeling
save when ur walking alone in the evening..hmmm..
well, i hope someday i can visit u Bee n cud u bring me to these places?

pak long & mak long on their visit to Ireland last august.
*mind the Levi's there.

pak long & mak long really loves travelling.
*wish the shops in kl these colourful.

Baby a.k.a Bee (younger sister, 3rd) & mak long in the shopping village
*i tink so, correct me if i'm wrong.

where is this Bee? wish taman tasik titiwangsa can be this beautiful.
*all u can c in tmn tasik titiwangsa is couple "bertenet"

i love the dash of red in this pic..if i were here, i wud wear a yellow shirt.
*then i'll blend in wif the flowers...hehee :)


peah @ peps said...

..amboi..pak long ngan mak long...
kena bagi dorang tgk ni..

Anonymous said...

Wahhh, looks familiar....hehehehe, oh yeah,that shopping village yg ade gambar maklong n paklong ngah duduk atas bench tue, name die Kildare Village.....
Best Best, its a shopping outlet, u can get branded goods at reasonable prices....brg2 sumenyer good bargain ......N tempat tue mmg cantik, very relaxing....nak g shopping pon tenang jer...hehehe

yg taman tue, name die Stephen Green Park, Mama n papa pon da sampai da.....Cantik sgt kan,n pagi2, ade byk swan....its really2 relaxing.....N yes,point penting, my office is just 10mins away from that park, so summertime, slalunyer baby g lunch kat Park Kak Dek, sonok.......hehehe.. ;)

If u come here n visit me, ill definitely bring u to all these places in Dublin.......surely!!!

Anonymous said...

N u know, one point u got right, to walk to the office, early in the morning, or to come home from work late evening, is not a bother...its safer here in Dublin rather than in Msia.........
The only thing yg i takot bile nk kuar umah, is becos Dublin sejok sgt...crazy weather........
tp alhamdulillah, sampai skrg i think duduk dkt dublin lagi slamat...nak dgr pasal org kene ragut ker aper ker, cam sgt susah....ade, tp jarang2...once in a blue moon, i shud say....
but of cos, saye anak Msia.....n i wanna go home soon........hehehe.... ;p


elani makrai said...

a'ah, bagi la ja..all the photos credit to them..klu x, x dpt share ngan korg sume. heheee

oic, tue la aku pon rasa sgt safe kt sana. mmg nk sgt msia jadik cem tue...boley la cam g ofis jalan kaki or naik besikal, sgt go green!
heeheee ooo, kira dorg sume dh g la yer? hmmm me wanna so bad go there. nti insyaallah bla dpt g sana bwk tau aku g sana..mesti ammar suker sgt.

ooo, yg slalu aku call dl ko ngah lunch kt park..park yg nie la?
hmmmm, best ok!


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