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Monday, January 5, 2009

small family REUNION

maybe it's a wee bit late to post about xmas..but for memoir's sake
then i say it's important..agree? plus, my lil sis baby will b very pleased
since she's so far away..only these pics can make her feel at home.. :)
so, it was holiday n my sis, ein n cousin peps decided to give our
dear uncle a suprise xmas party..but people, don't get us wrong, we think of it as a gathering n instead we call it holiday my mama cooked stuffed chicken
(konon2 turkey la), kari ikan n fruit cake. whilst mak long cooked sambal ikan bilis {lari topik ni..hehe}, ateh prepared my fav fruit salad n coleslaw. n
not forgetting..peps bwk dessert yg sodap..yummmeee...
it was great fun since we all enjoyed makan-makan n gathering is even
more fun..yeayy to all. next time i hope we'll have another makan-makan
ehhh...can't wait for another holiday!


Anonymous said...

haihh, family reunion, n im not invited??? nie yg nak marah nie... ;((


elani makrai said...

huhuuu, ur so far far away in never2 land..hahaaa jd susah la nk invite..xder postman. haahaaa..

Zaedah said...

aik.. mcm x cukup je ni. hahaa

elani makrai said...

abih, last minit nyer program.. mmg x rmi la..hehee

peah @ peps said...

Ya Allah...aku nampak cam maid dari bandungggg...tidakkk!!!..

elani makrai said...

x laaa, mana ader! heheee ok per, nmpk la kejawaness tue..huhuu


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