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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

being SPECIAL in his own way

call it technic or strategy...but i call it being HIM.
i don't know how other kids sleep. this has been ammar's style of
sleeping since he's a baby. the not so best part about this
style is that when it comes to putting him down on the bed.
a slight inny minny movement will surely wakes him up.
hahaaa...i bet not many parents can "dodoi" their kid this way.

me putting him to sleep...i pity him bcoz i tink it's tiring to sleep this way.
but i'm sure he loves to hear his fav heart beat..dup dupp..

what else can i say...


Ein Auzai'y said...

Hehe..Every kids had their own style...Masa dulu echa yang selalu tidur cam tu...Tapi aku kena baringlah...Only adam berbeza sikit...lebih selesa if tepuk dia on the bed...bigger place...

peah @ peps said...

...aku ingat dulu..ko gerak2an echa kat atas badan ein..

jadi ke nak botakkan ammar ni dek?

elani makrai said...

hehehee tue la..nti kta tgk anak fiza lak tdo cem ner.. yg penting ajar trus tdo tepuk2. so, bla dr baby dia dh biasa smpi besar cem tue jer. sonang kojo ko nti hehee.

a'ah..aku pon engat gak echa tdo cemner dl. adam x ckp tempat tue kn katil trus.. adam si kacang panjang heeeheee..

jadik kot..tah ar, rambut pon dh pnjg sgt n dh lembut pon rambut dia..bla eh? huhuu

meeiyng said...

hi~i think this is ur baby's blog la....not yours~haha
ya lah...tu bf i~hehe >///<
he comes here for vacation~
eh...kenapa u still sangat kurus?
eat more la~
seems like so good to hv baby ya~
bila nak born second baby? hehe
stop by here ya,
take care always~

elani makrai said...

heheee..hi meei yng~

tue la kn, seems like he has more stories than i do. x kisah la baby i nyer blog or nyer..heeheee..

i dh agak bf u..
oooo, bawak bf jalan2 yer?
bf u dh complete he's military course ker?

i dh byk lose weight, can't put on 1kg pon..i've been eating so much but having a baby mmg tiring plus 2-3 times kn wake up feeding the baby. dats why laaa still kurus..huhu

naaahhh, mayb tgu ammar besar dl. want to give him all the attention 1st.
k, do stop by lagi tau..
u pon tc meei yng..


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