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Thursday, November 4, 2010

a letter for my dear aunt baby

alaikum, aunty baby...
how are you?
i will be 2 years & 3 months old this coming 14th november.
time flies really fast, so when are you coming home to see me? to play with me? and to go crazy sebab layan me for 24 hours straight?

im really god at entertaining nyima, yayi, umi, abah n acu.
do u know that i can sing baa baa black sheep?
i can even sing ABC (umi just discovered that im gud at it while we were on our way to lcct to fetch abah).
i even know how to sing lagu megara ku, megantin bawu, selamat awi waya and balik kampong oooo ooo balik kampong. wow, i do know how to sing right? oh yaa, i oso know how to count 1-20...terer kan?

come home la...then i can entertain u. we can goyang bam bam together...and play my playground set.
u can ride my glider, my tricycle, my car, my horse and even my tractor. just choose kay... :)

ok la aunty bee, im sleepy and need to get a gud nite sleep so that i can be active for tomorrow. u keep missing and loving me keh...hope to see u soon.

p/s : do you like my new hairdo? abah n umi copped it off for me...i think, i look smart and deceiving. hehehe...

lots of love,
adik ammar. cucu ami abah.
gud nite... xoxox


Anonymous said...

Dear Ammar

Awwwwww so sweet of Ammar to send aunty baby a letter.

Ammar, u r suchh a cute and adorable lil boy n yes i wont stop lovin n missin u, every second of every day....Haaaa, thats how deep my love is for u.... :)
Its sad tho that aunty baby missed 2 years 3 months of ur life....thanks to Mr telephone kan Ammar kan, so Aunty b could at least hear your voice...But aunty baby seriously wanna come home and hug and kiss Ammar as much.....n dont wanna let go...can ahh Ammar? hehe....

Ammar, thank u for exclusively singing baa baa black sheep for Aunty Baby last time...priceless!!! :)
Hope aunty baby can hear u sing other songs too next time...

I love u so so so muchhh my dear nephew....Wait for aunty baby to come home ok, and we will shake our bam bam to ur hotdoggg song together!!! :)

p/s: yes i love ur new hairdo, that ami clearly did not do that great of a job..hehe, jgn marah kak dek....but nevertheless, u look cutee as alwayssss.... :)
Hensem nephew aunty baby ni...

Lots n lots of hersheys love
Aunty baby

ps/s: ok kak dek, u seriously have to read this letter to Ammar ok...Thank u. Love u too.

Anonymous said...

ok seriously, I was scrolling up n down, up n down, looking at d pictures.....too little for me to see........I WANT MORE PLSSSSSS Kak Dek!!!! :( I know, demand, tp i dont care......Hehe.


peah @ peps said...

sabar ye ammar...tak lama je lagi auntie baby balik...

wah..ammar tau nyanyi lagu pengantin baru...hebat..hebat..

elani makrai said...

baby : yup, i will try to fulfill ur demand nanti...dlm otak syik pikir jer...nk ltk gambar mana eh???

peps : tue la...sket jer lagi.

heheee version dia ja...klu ko dgr lagu hari raya lagi klakar... tee ada byk gak video ammar nyanyi..


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