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Thursday, April 30, 2009

tag 2 - MY TOP 4

ok, hutang dr alya. hari tue baru nk tag korg psl nie...since alya dh bg...jd jom!

Names that friends call U:

  • nurin
  • dedek
  • adik
  • elani

4 most important dates in your life:

  • 21 - 04 -1982 = my birthday

  • 08 - 09 - 1978 = hubby's birthday

  • 14 - 08 - 2008 = ammar's birthday

  • 17 - 11 - 2007 = our anniversary (nk msk 2thn dh)

4 things you've done in the last 30 minutes:

  • borak2 psl blek kampung

  • check blog kengkwn hehee (bos tadak, holiday)
  • transfer pics to pc

  • msg hubby

4 ways to be happy:

  • peace between me n hubby

  • looking at ammar being healthy

  • better job n salary

  • wishes are granted by Allah makes me happy.

4 gifts you would like to receive:

  • wow, really like if i get a new camera

  • new handphone anyone?

  • car seat for lil ammar

  • cash? heheee more n more cashhhhh...

4 of your favourite hobbies:

  • blogging

  • washing, folding & hanging clothes

  • shopping (tp now more into online shopping)

  • travelling

4 places you want to go for vacation:

  • ireland (want to visit my lil sis badly)

  • paris

  • anywhere around europe

  • another pd trip wif family

4 things always found in your bag:

  • camera
  • purse
  • handphone
  • car key

4 u love so much:

  • my buchuk ammar
  • hubby
  • parents n family
  • Allah

4 who you would like to answer this survey

  • sume yg kt blog list...mana dh buat x yah la kn...

semoga kita dpt kenal each other better! :D

p/s : thanx to alyyani for tagging me...peace!


alyyani said...

haa.. finally buat gak tag ni. aa lebey kurang sama kite punye 4 wayd to be happy. tak mo gaduh dgn hubby. heheh.. kalo tak serabut!

hobi nurin washing, folding & hanging clothes??? aaa tu kan keje yg ramai org menyampah nak buat. tp awk suka lak ek. heheh..

elani makrai said...

tue la, mmg x ley lari kn? tp klu x gaduh, mmg sgt best! sronok n happy jer. x best masam2 muka kn?

a'ah, smlm x g keje sbb kaki mcm cramp tp basuh baju gak tok semua org. agak nyer ader 3x round kot. puas hati lagi sbb hari panas. kering n panas jer baju tue... nikmat! hahaa best la tau activity nie..layan~


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